“Great things are done when {WO}men and mountains meet…” 

– William Blake

pic by feeble ilg of {L-R} HP Yoginis; Katrina, Charlotte, Caroline 

 Saturday, at the Finish Line of the local CLASSIC since ilg was a kid;
the Kennebec Mountain Race
• 15 miles
• 3,100′ vert
• over 12,200′ summit
NONE of the above Warrioress’s ever even DREAMED of being a mountain runner since meeting HP Yoga®…
what do the three Noble HP Yogic Warrioress’s above share in c(om)mon?
they each have used and are using HP Yoga® and/or Wholistic Fitness®  to Rise Above
their perceived doubts and limitations and injuries, attached strengths, ignored weaknesses and
are right NOW exploring uncharted inner Terrain toward Whole(i)ness!
cuz if you shy away from the Highest?
ain’t gonna gain Enlightenment in the slightest.
not seen in this pic is also HP Yogini Shannon fr(om) my Durango City Employee Yoga Class, ilg’s feeble self, and HP Yogi Erik (volunteer).
here is what the hang out at the Finish Line looked like:
and here is your feeble ilg just dropping down from 12,200′ on yet another uphill toward the final 7-mile bone-jarring descent to a 4th Place in the 50-59 and 1st Place 55+ in a time of 3:06:11…
felt solid and Sacred the m(om)ent ilg woke up…
•5a – turn off alarm mindfully. feel the texture of the button. Immediate next Appropriate Action;  turn on Mr. Coffee and feel gratitude for preparing the coffee last night and the 10,000 Sentient Beings associated with It All…
•5:20 – have taken 10 Perfect Amino, 2 Complete’s, 2 Male Vigor, and 2 Quinary Herbal Formulas caps from Sunrider.
•6a – have pooped and done Wholistic Fitness® Early Morning Ritual… depart for La Plata Canyon while mindfully assimilating a cheap rice & bean burrito
•7a – Start;  pace myself into mid-zone 3 HR until Darby headwall at mile 3 whereupon i break out my poles and begin transforming this 3-mile run into the next section of my mind; a 6-mile nordic ski poling workout
•7:50a – am in First Place in the Early Start group by 1-minute at First Aid.  yogi squat. drink. Mantra, Mula Bandha.  “Wow, you’ve got quite the gap,” say the Aid Station peeps. acknowledge yet do not invest emotionally into their Metta-based c(om)ment.  They are not broken-back yogi ilg.  ilg knows 2nd place is 45-seconds behind and is nearly twice my age – younger.
•8:33a – manage to maintain First Place in the above timerline grind before the technical singletrack to the 12,220′ summit pass.  while yogi squatting and taking in more fluid at the final uphill aid station, 2nd and 3rd bridged.  we were all together.
•8:35a – begin the Columbine Basin uphill dance toward the summit ridge, ski poling like a Diné banshee,  i manage a 45-second gap over 2nd and 3rd by the summit.  the downhill singletrack is a long-forgotten Mountain Goat Trail, not worthy of an Etch n’ Sketch line marbelled across the scree with a thousand foot tumble into the Junction Creek drainage if you get it wrong.  Travolta woulda been smiling if he watched ol’ ilg dance this monumented line…
• 9:00a – bott(om)ed out on the tech single track whereupon 7x Hardrock 100 finisher and Iron Horse Champion Marissa Asplund greet ilg with smiles and in-couragements.   heccuva a hamlet to live in, gotta say.  up the final long grind to the Keyhole before bracing myself and ilg’s once smashed up and broken pelvis and spine must endure a 45-minute skeleton-bashing descent to the finish.
• 10:06:11 – ilg finishes first place in Early Start Group feeling solid with only taking 4 yogi-squats.   end up 4th in 50-59 and 1st in 55+
teaching two yoga classes and meditation class less than 48 hours after this.
who DOES this at 56?
your feeble ilg, cuz feeble ilg follows the Proven Path.

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