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pic fr(om) today:

feeble ilg’s outdoor athlete journey began at age 8 fr(om) my parents’ house at the end of Junction Creek Road.  ilg’s chi-ldhood’s hood was the entire San Juan National Forest which ilg and my black wolf-hybrid, Apache, ruled. so, nearly 50 years your feeble teacher of nothing has been chronically outdoors in all seasons.  over those 50 years,  ilg has come upon only one Lynx sighting (they see us, we don’t see them) while snowshoe training near Spud Mountain.  ilg is NOT counting the old, demented Lynx that i nearly T-boned while skiing Chets on 8.  until today when this Beautiful Lynx (do YOU know their Medicine?) entered ilg’s universe during my skimo workout … 

the REASON ilg got this pic?

Bear Medicine.

watch my video on my social and you’ll get a feel for the descent fr(om) Clear Lake… well, on that descent?   RIGHT ACROSS my ski up tracks from less than 90-minutes earlier?

THE HUGEST BEAR TRACKS EVER!!!!  RIGHT ACROSS ILG’s SKI TRACKS!!!   heading downhill, where?

ilg had to go… ilg began tactically thinking – oh, BTW?  SORRY for no pic of the HUGE BEAR TRACKS over ilg’s ski tracks,  yet?  ilg got a JOLT and CHI VOLTAGE from those HUGE TRACKS and the adrenalin surge fr(om) within ilg’s primordial cells arose with such fervor that ilg HAD to descend as fast as possible;   the Bear was heading straight down the very hillside ilg still had to traverse and there were two sections of burn-out (sections where there was no snow, so ilg would have to get out of and then back into skis) whereupon ilg would be vulnerable to our Island’s largest apex predator…

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pic by ilg:  ilgs rip-it-and-flip-it point was located center pic between the rock outcroppings..


gotta say,  you can think you’re all this and that, yet?   if you are alone in remote high mountains and you ski across Bear Tracks like that? you cannot HELP but start thinking tactically…humbling…must say… well,   Bear did not bother ilg on this day, yet ilg’s radar was still full throttle when ilg crossed the second dirt patch…that’s when, s(om)ething made ilg visually canvas the upslope and suddenly saw….



less than 0.57% of the human population have ever seen a wild Lynx.   ilg has seen two.


Get out and DO so as to BE!!!




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