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My Hopi Family taught feeble ilg, “If you’re lucky enough to be a runner?  Well then?  You are lucky enough!”

Your feeble teacher of no-thing was deeeeeeply lucky (Blessed) to run steep and get Pranically high today in a short window of time available between Single Daddying and CareGiving to ilg’s M(om)… made the most of it by running up to a 100′ thick avy debris runout and running on it!   see ilg’s video on my Social Media…

William Morrow said, “It matters little what lies before us or what was behind us…
               What DOES matter?  Is what lies WITHIN us!” 

Because WF c(om)es fr(om) the obvious realization that we – as humans – may never arrive at Perfection  (we can only approach it),  tis best to fully prepare ALL of our physiologic and psychologic and spiritual venues as as to prepare for the Wholeness required for Perfection (Enlightenment).

Or, as ilg’s girlfriend – a 100% full blood Navajo whose every cell seems to vibrate at a waaaay higher relationship with Mother Nature than even ilg’s?  She put it this today after our shared experience on the same high country route:

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I know I’m different 
I love the coldness on my face
I know I’m different 
I cry at the beauty of the mountains 
I know I’m not that different 
When I meet others who run and hike the mountains
I was happy it was snowing 🌨 where I was today


Get OUT and DO

so as to BE!!!


that is all,


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