honestly however, me toeing the Start Line tomorrow? has helped in unspeakably potent ways to heal my knee. see; let me tell you a Secret of Mountaineering, Sport Performance, Overcoming Weakness/Imbalance, Conquering Dis-ease and Injury, and last however, not least, Chi-ld Rearing: ALWAYS MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO.

if you had seen my right knee one and a half weeks ago, here is what you…well, actually perhaps not YOU being a WF devotee…however, here is what many would have (and many did) say:

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(An)other M(OM)ent (In) Ti(me);  “Do boobies have bones?”

It was Dewa who spotted this magnificent setting of Grandfather yesterday evening…Ananda was quick enough to capture it…given our Teachings this week, this photo reMinds ilg and Moves ilg to the understanding that just because we may not yell or scream or cuss or drink or whatever, doesn’t mean we don’t have Work to do with Anger…these clouds in Father Sky as we discussed this week reMind me that even passiveness equals anger…it’s just not acted out. the following five adorable Dewa-filled photos and my captions are sync’d up perfectly with our Teachings in the SanghaLounge and here this week…may we all Benefit…Can’t you just feel a celestial MIGHT within those beautiful Cloud Sisters in the pic above?! Conduct thyself in the manner of Father Sky and just let come what may come, and let go what goes.

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(all access)  My Mordarbacken Training Video

Namaste Noble Mountain Yogis! enjoy and may all your Sweat be Sacred… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAtAyoZl4Is head bowed, coach ilg

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Mördarbacken (Killer Hill)…My Most Sacred Sweat Of All

Your Feeble Mountain Yogi Ilg, sky high today on my most Sacred Sweat of all my Durango workouts; my infamous “Mordarbacken”…which is now part of the nordic skate skiing ultra: Tour de Ski coming up on my Race Schedule on January 22. Behind me is the radiance of my chi-ldhood Sacred Mountains; the La Plata’s caught here in my pic beaming their namesake silver aura.

I actually have not been able to ski this old traditional nordic skate skiing torture/bliss fest which i called, The Mordarbacken, since I was in my twenties! You can only imagine how stoked I was to revisit this old Ilg Standard which repulsed all my training partners who were able to finish it with me (only 2 out of 5 did!). This workout requires 2 hours of uphill ski skating at elevations starting at 8,793′ and finishes at about 11,213′ upon the base of Grayrock Peak (12,604′) which you’ll see in my 11 photos below (watch my YouTube Channel for a music video of this route).

2 hours up of skate skiing…followed by a scintillating, jump-filled descent on tiny edgeless skate skis in 32 minutes…most of which need to be spent in Chair Pose (Utkatasana)…you wanna come with me? Sure…you’re gonna have a challenge figuring out however, which of the photos to use as your new ScreenSaver…reader beware!

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It’s a funny thing, ain’t it?
You and i Here Now, again?
Beginning Again and Again, and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment?
According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones? You and i have been attracted toward one another for lifetimes – not unlike the way Moth Beings are attracted indiscriminately toward the Light…at whatever the cost.

According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones, you and i – at whatever Level – have reConnected in this particular Dharma Vehicle known as the Internet, due to our past karma.

We still – you and i – have Work to do.

The work we have to do? Is Wholeness. And, there are 3 pivotal aspects that we need to recognize about our continual Journey Higher.

The most common question ilg gets asked by those New to my Path is typical; “How soon can I expect results?”
Here are the Three Wholistic Realizations Which Must Flower In Your Heart:

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sport snowshoe man

photo: coach, a two-time World Mountain Snowshoe Championship athlete is on schedule to produce a USSSA Sanctioned Snowshoe Race in his hometown of Durango, Colorado, this February…stay fit, and stay tuned!


can you recommend a good pair of snowshoes for this blessed winter? are there ones that are good for both fast pace and slower backcountry hiking?


New Mexico


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3,000th Blog Teaching: Durango’s 1st Autumn Snow

yes, ilg has just passed my 3,000th Blog Teaching…as if to celebrate, Brahman with His Divine timing intact, sent along Durango’s first autumn snow in town…may these photos bring a smile into your heart……as do the first autumn snows fall so lusciously upon the Sacred Peaks and Rivers, may your Divine Consciousness fall upon your normal consciousness today…

head bowed,


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Even our biologic family may not necessarily be our deepest spiritual family, yet the Grocery Store clerk very well might…

Is karma really so hard to see in operation? Don’t we only have to look back at our own lives to see clearly the consequences of some of our actions? When we upset or hurt someone, didn’t it rebound on us? Were we not left with a bitter and dark memory, and the shadows of self-disgust?

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