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i felt the immense and sudden impact of a hundred thousand Conscious Parenting hours hit me in that one heart opening confession of my Chi-ld being so present with her feelings and her trust in me to provide for her…

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First Winter Season Race Day!!!…”being a capable human while being,”

pleased is ilg, with this first ski race of the young season…4th place AG, 8th OA among super, duper, NOOPER fit Durango skiers in a tough as ice 10k which featured more climbing than descending and maybe 3 meters of recovery during 2 x5k laps. my yoga teachers Transmitted to me the stalwart principle of “being a capable human while being,” and that Transmission took. it made ilg re-Member many lives and thus took root, and has blossomed. if you can find a more versatile, capable yogi; let me know. on the podium for all yogi’s since 1981!

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This M(om)ent;  Tis (getting to be) The Season!


from our Clan to yours…enjoy, sweat through, and appreciate the Holidays!!!

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First Snows brings out Conscious Parenting Skills…The Tao of Sledding and Skiing With Chi-ldren…

ilg’s parenting technique is pretty Taoist, really…

all-Ways let your chi-ld;

* Lead
* Set the agenda
* Feel

my Sva-Dharma* as ‘Dad’?

* Follow with compassion, listening, spaciousness before replying, and respond within empathy
* Monitor the Dewa-set agenda for safety, spiritual lessons, and to maximize the fun and focus
* Feel

some other pics from our Clan Day In The Fresh, Beautiful, Empowering Snow…

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Picture 17

Noble Sangha,

enjoy…and get and out DO! embrace all kinds of weather with your chi-dren…especially your inner one!!

click below:

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what householder yogi ilg must now put up with…

there are two Paths which lead up the steepest of all terrain toward the Highest of all possible summits (and ilg can speak here from direct experience): one is the renunciate/easier Path…

the other?

is the Householder Path…

take today, for instance…

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This M(om)ent;   “I want a mountain…a wonderful, waterfall mountain…”   Dewa’s Santa List and other hole shots from the Shambala of the San Juans

after a morning of chopping wood, cranking Mantra, i had to lower the testosterone inherent to operating such things as chain saws, 8lb Colton Splitting Axes, sledges and a half-cord of wild wood to soften into being a bodyworker…so, into the Zendo i went and the subsequent transformation from Yang to Yin

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Picking Apples among the Sacred Topography of September…

as i lay prostrate upon Mother Earth in an attempt to photograph the stupa-like, bare-heiny’d figure of Dewa beneath the generous-in-death dying of an apple tree, even feeble ilg began to realize that this Fatherhood Journey of mine connects me ike an eon-old phurba to all my kind Teachers, Deities, and Guides of my past as well as to the Ancient yogis, saints, and compassionate actions-no-matter-what of practitioners. though my ego would have preferred the path of hermit than to the endless ricocheting of schedules and time/energy demands inherent to being the householder yogi ilg now finds himself in…all i can say is that i sense beyond the shadow of a Buddha, that these daze/days are in fact, sacred topography upon the map of my ever-evolving Soul..and that all my outer Pilgrimages give birth again and again to an inner pilgrimage far more sacred, far more subtle, far more exquisite than my feeble incarnation can even imagine to place before thee in word or form or action of any kind…

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