La Plata Canyon Nordic Ski Song….

Snowshoes on my back (5)
Skis beneath my slip-slide feet (7)
Mind surfs sky-like snow! (5)
– coach ilg
after today’s ski training up La Plata Canyon, 1*29*11
photo essay of 15 incredible Colorado mountain shots…

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(all access) ilg’s photography makes news…

Hi Steve,
This is quite the surreal landscape photo. I am impressed with the way the
light has been captured and the foreground and backgrounds have such
contrast. Is this smoke or is it a common occurrence of vapor rising off the

Thank you for sharing this with us.


Keith Svihovec
Art Director, Mountain Gazette

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(all access)  a WF Classic today = Nordic Intervals into Alpine Speed + WF CHALLENGE TEST!

can i just say that skate skiing for 2 hours into alpine skiing for another 2 is like the most delicious form of high mountain suffering a true yogi can ever pray to experience?

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Frigid Beauty; My First Pics of 2011

Snow pillows perched like popped corn atop ancient river stones…

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A Snowshoe Workout and History Visit Through The Birthplace of WF

It’s All-Ways a distinct pleasure as well as deep honor to teach you, to show you more about the birthplace of Wholistic Fitness™…so please, come along with me during a snowshoe workout a couple of days ago right up the natural umbilical cord of Wholistic Fitness™; Junction Creek Canyon just outside of Durango, Colorado. This trail, now known internationally as the southern trailhead of the Colorado Trail, was my childhood backyard, as my family’s country home in which i grew up was located a stone’s throw from the (then, virtually unknown) trailhead. C’mon…i TAF you’ll really enjoy and be inspired by these “first snow” pics…

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(An)other M(OM)ent (In) Ti(me);  “Do boobies have bones?”

It was Dewa who spotted this magnificent setting of Grandfather yesterday evening…Ananda was quick enough to capture it…given our Teachings this week, this photo reMinds ilg and Moves ilg to the understanding that just because we may not yell or scream or cuss or drink or whatever, doesn’t mean we don’t have Work to do with Anger…these clouds in Father Sky as we discussed this week reMind me that even passiveness equals anger…it’s just not acted out. the following five adorable Dewa-filled photos and my captions are sync’d up perfectly with our Teachings in the SanghaLounge and here this week…may we all Benefit…Can’t you just feel a celestial MIGHT within those beautiful Cloud Sisters in the pic above?! Conduct thyself in the manner of Father Sky and just let come what may come, and let go what goes.

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(all access)  My Mordarbacken Training Video

Namaste Noble Mountain Yogis! enjoy and may all your Sweat be Sacred… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAtAyoZl4Is head bowed, coach ilg

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3,000th Blog Teaching: Durango’s 1st Autumn Snow

yes, ilg has just passed my 3,000th Blog Teaching…as if to celebrate, Brahman with His Divine timing intact, sent along Durango’s first autumn snow in town…may these photos bring a smile into your heart……as do the first autumn snows fall so lusciously upon the Sacred Peaks and Rivers, may your Divine Consciousness fall upon your normal consciousness today…

head bowed,


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