Coke Race #3 050

Riding the glide, baby! if you woulda asked me 20, 30 years ago if i’d be still be winning Overall victories at age 48? I probably woulda replied with youthful chi-fire in my eyes, “Hell Yeah!” and dat’s precisely what is still happening! THANK YOU, Wholistic Fitness™ for imparting such longevity to national class fitness across the physiological spectrum! photo of ilg during last weekend’s 10k Freestyle Pursuit courtesy; Durango Nordic Club. Each time the pain grew more intense, i relaxed into it…

Each time the Voices in my head screamed to ‘back off,’ i saw your face (yes, YOU!) and ventured deeper into the Voices until the Voices lost their voice and i found myself in a Higher Realm…

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well, that’s just it, isn’t it?


No matter what.

Wholistic Fitness™.

To Dance our Inner Dragons.

To Win Overall Podiums in endurance sports at nearly 50 and still chip away at tight hips all the while…

To Destroy Avidya.

To Balance our Weaknesses.

To Toe The Start Lines…

To one day,

one lifetime…

Win The Human Race…
To BecOMe

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Shishya PY; Turquoise Mountain Race Report: 2/20/2011

There is a saying…”Judge not a Teacher save by the nobility of his or her Students…” Ready to be inspired once again by one of your fellow Wholistic Fitness™ Warriors? Maybe next February, YOU could do what it takes to yogi squat on the summit of this Sacred Pilgrimage of Wholistic Fitness™…. WF Shishya PY halfway through her recent solo 75-kilometer, 4-sport Sacred Pilgrimage at the one and only; Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon…here is her own Race Report…buckle up! photo courtesy of Julie “PY” Mueller. Coming up next; my own Race Report!

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through the books, she has looked…(she has a Ph.D in Statistical Analysis or something like that)

to the Himalaya, she has sought.

within the fabric of her life, many Dragons she has fought.

she does not condemn, she does not judge.

she became my student of yoga in August of 2008 in Kinlani.

she got on MAP Aminos in March, of 2009.

one year later, she became my online shishya.

in October of ‘010, she took WF Pilgrimage to seek me out in Durango (see photo above).

Yesterday she wrote me: “did spin followed by a 2 mile treadmill run, then a set of nordic crunches/suspended leg lifts, followed by Medium form. then i went over to the pull up bar and did one PULL UP, palms out, from a dead hang. for real!”

i never allowed her near a Gravitron. i Instructed her to meet her Pull Up Dragon nakedly….with no gloves on…

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“nothing but myself, absolute silence, breath, spine straight…”

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snowshoe twilight

coach announces his hosting of Durango’s first ever Sport Snowshoeing Race; “The Winter Warrior 10k” plus reveals an incredible self-healing gem for our inspiration, and gives you the link to his latest beautiful column; “RUNNING ON WATER”

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Frigid Beauty; My First Pics of 2011

Snow pillows perched like popped corn atop ancient river stones…

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embracing winter: 2 hour uphill skate ski…

your right-knee in a compression braced coach, topping out at over 12,000′ today on the Tour de Ski Race Course during a training workout with Noble WF Student Andrew Ferguson. this is my idea of physical therapy for my sprained knee! The best way out? Is all-Ways UP!

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