“You always see so many beautiful things and rangeland share them I thank you from the bottom of my heart coach”

– Shirley Valdez, OR

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Sweat was meant never to be spilled without sacred intent…

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w puddles

see my Teaching Blog of September 30 for the previous Chapter of this original story which i used to tell my pet Wolf beneath a canopy of San Juan stars on chilly, if not freezing, October nights like this one…

Cha’tima slowed her speak, “the dharma is not the easy Path, it is the warrior path which is far more difficult, more steep, more unforgiving than all paths possible…why are you so interested in knowing of this impossibly difficult Path, my treasured young one?”

“Because,” replied Aditisan, “i know this Path is mine!”

“Very well,” said Cha’tima, “I will do my best to impart to you now the Warrior Path which your Father transmitted to me many moons ago…”

“My father?” shrieked Aditisan, “please tell me more!”

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oh, there are plenty of B&B rooms available in my Mecca….yet? what ilg offers goes waaaaay beyond some sterile room! book now! just released this price to the internet and already am booking months in advance!

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you damn well know, regardless of age divisions? if they would do a pull up competition or a suppleness competition after each and every bike race? your ol’ feeble ilg would be waaaay closer to the top of the podium than my 2nd place today in event #1 of 4 this week during the DWC Championships where ilg is deeply pressed to defend my 2nd place from last year, let alone one up it! i’d have to satisfy myself with a 2nd place and focus on Tuesday’s Mountain Bike Time Trial…of which here is how ilg is planning to attack my far superior opponent…follow me on: www.wholisticfitness.com

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Lap 2 was sooooo stinking brutal. Chronically sucking in massive amounts of spray water flung from spinning wheels while flinging soaked self after all these Two Bits was REALLY beginning to test my natural state of yogic equanimity while inflaming my genetic predisposition toward Teutonic Barbarianism. I felt a deep urge for a hockey stick and some solid boards into which i could take into some of these weasel-looking roadies.

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“Sun’s Out…Gun’s Out,” Student Gamhé attributes her transformed body/mind/spirit to a heapin’ helpin’ dosage of what she calls, “The Ilgness Factor,”….

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I may never know
the turmoil
you have endured
or the bliss
you have embraced
to become who you are
but I do know
these unknown parts of you
twisted and turned
in the great wheel of life
allowed you to lead me…

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