DL Most Popular – Are You Strong Enough To Doubt Your Doubt?

When we doubt our capacity to achieve or be something, we whittle away our precious stores of Trust, Faith, and Self-Confidence. For athletes, the most powerful ally we can bring to a Start Line is confidence…confidence borne from countless hours of training and inner work.

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road race ihbc

Our Daily Sweat is instead a necessity toward transforming our lives into a graceful symmetry of self. What I am saying is that lifestyle fitness is like a daily base camp for developing more meaningful life journeys.

My Daily Sweat is no longer chained to the actual droplets (or cascade) of perspiration during racing or training in my beloved High Peaks…

I’m gonna let you in on something about me that most do not know about “America’s Outdoor Athlete.” Shhhh…

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Teaching Chi to Chi-ldren?  i’ll take that risk…

regardless of how STEEP, of how DIRECT is this Path of Transformation? we MUST continue placing one foot in front of the other…ever upward, ever inward, ever Go(o)dward…if feeble ilg is still doing it…i KNOW you can…let’s Begin Again tomorrow…and if we fall? Begin Again, and Again…and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment…

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om home

All sickness, is h(om)esickness…

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These are the two WF Health Care Arrows you’ll need in your Quiver…particularly for summer…

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BBenzel – Homolovi Suvoyuki 12-Jul-08 #377 Steve Ilg 2_2

“External temples are nice yet, unneeded.
Complicated philosophies and religions attempt to organize Truth, when really, just our own sweat, our own stillness is our highest Truth.
Therefore, my church pew remains my daily sweat and my cathedral remains my daily stillness.”

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Reminder: Member Kiva Talk Tonight on “Meditation!”

In tonight’s Member-Only Kiva Talk we’ll explore the 4th Noble Fitness Discipline of WF: Meditation!

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most people got it all backwards in their nutritional fitness..STUDENT A:

Someday I would like to look at a long term plan for moving towards a diet similar to Coach Ilg’s largely herb based nutrition.


i am 29 and the new father of a one year-old…and if i can be half as fit as you, Coach, at age 48, then please, for the sake of my chi-ld please help me attain some wholeness…i want to the be most supple, strong, young in body and heart father as i possibly can be!!!


that ‘someday’ can be OMday if you are willing to JUMP!
we’ve got a quiver of three primary nutritional arrows that transforms weaklings into suprahumans and it’s very easy, and in the end, extremely cost effective:

here is the Proven Path so build your quiver tonight and know that ilg will be with you EVERY step of the quiver packing way:

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