d bubbles

“Whatever comes, let it come…
Whatever passes, let it pass…
Have no need for anything.”
– ancient yogic scripture
i took this photo of Dewachen Ilg, yesterday at a family Easter gathering in New Mexico…whenever i see Dewa blowing bubbles, i see the bubbles as the quaint, temporary, and countless lifetimes we’ve all chugged through…then, POOF! Gone in an instant…just like our current incarnation. That’s why in WF we do our best to balance ‘entertainment’ with ‘inner-attainment’…the following Teaching really brings this h(om)e to me…may it help you as well…

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How about some Lunch Hour WF Dharma today?

from 12-1 pm i’ll be speaking on
“Sacred Effort: Journey of a Wholistic Fitness™ Warrior Athlete”

at the Durango Public Library….free!

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Dear Coach,
i have read for years now your beautiful, eloquent Teachings on Bardo Entry…i know first hand of just how empowering your deeply conscious counseling as a Reverend and Recognized Dharma Server can be for the dying…so thank you. However, during the recent Death and Dying of my father with which you helped so pricelessly, I have been thrown into a type of Bardo myself and have questioned so many things about living and dying. I need to ask you this; What are your TAF’s about suicide? Forgive me if you have already offered a Teaching on this…I scanned the Teachings Archives as best as I could to no avail. I do not ever want you to think I am lazy before asking such a pivotal question.

For All You Choose To Be and Do No Matter What,

your student A.B.

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Warriorship is about being brave enough (read; fearless) to be gut honest with ourselves every step of the Way. When our own mOM is encountering a possible Bardo Entry, it’s a pretty interesting Mirror in which to watch our mind, our ego, and our emotional waves. The egoic default system in place seems unflappably fastened to our Being; “Oh, poor me…having to clean up this diarrhea again when i could be out riding my bike or skiing or doing asana…” How many seconds, minutes, hours, days, lifetimes does it take before our Higher Self rises above the ego and emotions to herald, “This IS your yoga! This IS your Practice…so PRACTICE!”

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honestly however, me toeing the Start Line tomorrow? has helped in unspeakably potent ways to heal my knee. see; let me tell you a Secret of Mountaineering, Sport Performance, Overcoming Weakness/Imbalance, Conquering Dis-ease and Injury, and last however, not least, Chi-ld Rearing: ALWAYS MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO.

if you had seen my right knee one and a half weeks ago, here is what you…well, actually perhaps not YOU being a WF devotee…however, here is what many would have (and many did) say:

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kitchen shiva

Most Noble Sangha,

make no mistake; along the Spiritual Path – among Western Awakened Fitness Warriors – the Mindful Practice of Hand Washing Dishes should be leaped toward by any sincere WF Student, not shied away from.

undone dishes is a metaphor for our undigested thoughts.

if left undigested, Thoughts naturally morph into Samskaric ripples, each one eventually needing…

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Moment of Intertia –

Submitted in the WF SanghaLounge by WF Student Luke: Fellow WF warriors,

Let me first explain what I mean by moment of inertia (the term is borrowed from physics). I don’t know what term WF would use to refer to this.

Its the resistance you can sometimes feel (psychologically and physically) in that first down-dog, or right before deciding to get out a mat and do some yoga, or right before tying your shoes for a run, or right when I get up in the morning and ask whether I will cardio commute or not.

It’s doubt, but not logical doubt, because I KNOW that getting on my bike for my commute is good for me and I feel amazing during it and afterward. It should be a no brainer. So why do I have to use my brain! I still feel that small hesitation before riding (especially in rainy Seattle during the winter–brrrr!). This feeling seems to get stronger with monotony and fatigue. And in moments of inspiration, it doesn’t exist at all! Its what the lazy in us uses to say “why don’t you just take a nap, wouldn’t that be nice?”.

From Practice, I know that every-time I breathe through these feelings of resistance and get

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You know what the difference is between a peleton and a Sangha? The former attempts to crush and isolate you, the latter nourishes and elevates you. That is precisely what you do for me: you nourish me sooooo much Higher than any physical food could possibly, and you elevate my Practice, inspired by your desire Higher.

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