“fantastic wholistic Mt. Taylor pre-season training today! early am personal practice into inline skate to teach yoga, into an hour of indoor climbing with my Beloved Joy Kilpatrick, into an hour of inline skating at 14 mph/average along the bike path, passing bicyclists! tired and sacredly stoked…”

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…when Joy was teaching yoga to Dewa’s kindergarten class, she asked, “Why is Hearing so important?”

to which one very Bodhisattivic boy replied without hesistation:

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…and, then, upon arriving at the summit?

ilg had Blissfully renounced all such Outer Worldly thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations

and relaxed like a Bear into hibernation

into the Spiritual Realm that outsiders know only as…

Durango, Colorado.

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Durango Connect serves as a (meta)physical workout….

so, this morning, Durango’s entire scholastic and business systems were put on Pause as my friend, Jake Turner’s vision of a 7-mile long Human Chain running the length of the precious Animas River Trail attempted to manifest…i laced on my inline skates, picked up a cowbell and a camera and met my girls along with 8,000 other Durangatangs who gathered along the sinewy riparian paradise known as the Animas River Trail to honor all of the Trail’s amazing volunteers who helped make it happen…

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This M(om)ent…Walking In San Juan Beauty…

“…I pledge allegiance to the soil

of Turtle Island

one ecosystem

in diversity

under the sun –

With joyful interpenetration for all.”

– Gary Synder

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Morning Runs; the karmic seat of my Soul…

9:42 am: when ilg runs? the simplest, most fragile of things open my heart, filet it wide open, and my spirit just soars into Father Sky…what IS IT about running feet massaging Mother Earth that shakes our Chakra’s so?! who CARES about health, longevity, fitness? to be able to run along the treasured forested paths is ENOUGH by itself! ilg hasn’t been running through decades because i reckon it might tack on a few more years to my incarnation…ilg runs because running is Pilgrimage, it’s more than the Seat of my Soul, it’s the Karmic SWEAT OF MY SOUL!

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Go(o)d Morning From Durango…

“Daddy? I would rather DIE than have to eat that…” Dewa remarked this morning as she stood transfixed by Bear poop in our back driveway…note our overturned trash can behind her…

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several of coach’s photos have made magazine and newspaper features most of which have and can still be viewed in the Teaching Archives. one famous professional photographer said about ilg’s photography; “Steve has an intuitive eye for composition that rivals the best in the outdoor/nature realm. If he wasn’t so devoted to fitness,
I would hire him as an apprentice immediately.”

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