Teaching Chi to Chi-ldren?  i’ll take that risk…

regardless of how STEEP, of how DIRECT is this Path of Transformation? we MUST continue placing one foot in front of the other…ever upward, ever inward, ever Go(o)dward…if feeble ilg is still doing it…i KNOW you can…let’s Begin Again tomorrow…and if we fall? Begin Again, and Again…and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment…

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Happy, Whole-ly Father’s Day!

Conscious Fatherhood; regardless of the in-wordable effort, sacrifice, and exhaustion can be a most fertile garden in which a human can cultivate compassion, fearlessness, and Divine Motivational Energy. Conscious Daddies Everywhere: If we keep our heart open – even during those frustrating times when we just want to start throwing furniture out the windows – the pain, worry, and effort might just turn out to be our greatest next handholds and footholds toward Enlightenment. It takes, however, a LOT of everyday Sacred Sweat, Focus, and Surrender. Mostly surrender.

– coach ilg, father of Dewachen

here is how i spent my day-before-Father’s Day…i have no idea what the girls have planned for me today…enjoy and Blessed be ALL CONSCIOUS PARENTS EVERYWHERE IN ALL REALMS….

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The Dharma of a Warriors’ Life In 5 Haiku-Pics…Plus save 20% on a WF Intensive!

A warriors life (5)

begins with turning Fearful (7)

into s(om)ething else… (5)

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“Soft Warriorism” – A WF Perspective on Conscious Fatherhood

Some of the sadness of Conscious Fatherhood arrives from a yet-to-abide-in regret. A future regret that these mantled moments of ordinary actions – bug spotting, sandbox playing, chicken chasing, tire swinging – can’t go on forever. Dewa giggles, “hold me tighter, Daddy!” as we tire swing for the bijillionth time beneath a blossoming canopy of elders as the Animas river creates a symphony from her spring run-off. These m(OM)ents are as fragile and sacred a beauty as any Glacier Lilly i’ve found in the surreal lofty realms of the rocky heights. More so, i dare write.
One day, Dewa may walk without concern past such frivolous beings as dandelions, elder canopies, and bugs. One day, my morning bed won’t contain a little-limbed Rinpoche content to cuddle with her daddy even as she wriggles next to me like a puppy in spring.

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Daddy & Dewa Time = Sacred Time…

This morning, my Householder Yogi practice swung again into Full Tilt mode after my exceptional day yesterday hammering up and down my beloved San Juan peaks on my bicycle. Yesterday was like i was back in my Renunciate Yogi life; i was flying a time carpet into my Warrior Yogi youth; solo and surrounded by my Beloved San Juans, feeling strong as ever. Yesterday, ilg was Vishnu and Hanuman combined, nary a worry in the world as the volume of sweat which poured off my nose competed only with the blossoming roars of waterfalls spilling off the high country snowpack around me. Today? Not so much. Isn’t that just the Way of Things for a Father Warrior?…

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most people got it all backwards in their nutritional fitness..STUDENT A:

Someday I would like to look at a long term plan for moving towards a diet similar to Coach Ilg’s largely herb based nutrition.


i am 29 and the new father of a one year-old…and if i can be half as fit as you, Coach, at age 48, then please, for the sake of my chi-ld please help me attain some wholeness…i want to the be most supple, strong, young in body and heart father as i possibly can be!!!


that ‘someday’ can be OMday if you are willing to JUMP!
we’ve got a quiver of three primary nutritional arrows that transforms weaklings into suprahumans and it’s very easy, and in the end, extremely cost effective:

here is the Proven Path so build your quiver tonight and know that ilg will be with you EVERY step of the quiver packing way:

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durango view smelter

ran up to T2 (tower #2…upper left) on Smelter singletrack in 24 minutes…felt like nothing…that Asea Sacred Water, is CRAZY! if you are not yet on it, get on it TODAY! ran down in 11 minutes…swear that 1,200′ climb has gots to be one of Durango’s best lunch-hour workouts! wore my zero-support Saucony Mirage’s…yum, yum, OM~ a Turkey Vulture drew a bead on me and swept right at me on the arete! rad!

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And Milarepa said: “Do not entertain hopes for realization, but practice all your life.”

i pedaled my bike thirty miles over two mountain passes at an average speed of 16 mph solo in high winds in order to try to make it to the girl’s “farm date.” on the west side of Mancos Hill my speedometer spat out the high speed stat of 78kph down choppy pavement and buffeted by significant crosswinds. on 26×22 wheels? lemme reMind you; speed, my friend, is relative…

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