Escalation of spiritual ignorance….an ilg published editorial

pictured above: my Sacred Animas River manifesting full throttle the manifestation of White Man’s stupid attachment to monetary greed

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“If you want to win the Human Race? you gotta stay focused on Enlightenment. You’ve been graced this Human Incarnation from your countless lives of competing since you did what it took to split the cell…don’t give up your Practice, drive deep into your weaknesses and develop wholeness because wholeness is the foundation of Enlightenment.”

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by the Turn Around point at 7.6 miles? i knew i was going strong; sure i had moments of weakness…ahamkara (ego) pleading, “Stop this pain! Less pressure! you’ll blow up on the final climb!” and other such egoic bullshit. The Wholistic Fitness® cure for such lower mind antics? Mantra. Recenter on the Breath. Keep the Cadence…surrender to the wind, the rain, the mud…and i did. Felt Eagle Medicine sweep me through the highly dangerous final curve into the final 3k climb…i settled willingly into the Pain Cave wherein the Noble Silence empowered my pedaling…

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feeble ilg inwardly laughs when people say that i am ‘good at so many things.’

for, to me? it’s the very fact that i suck at so many things which has kept me motivated to keep exploring, finding and cultivating my myriad weak links and fragile confidences.

another Medicine Blessing of the Wholistic Fitness® lifestyle; we release Attachment to what we are “good” at and take great, lifelong joy at gardening the gravity of our weaknesses. not a common trait inherent to today’s modern fitness methods, is it?

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Screenshot 2015-05-24 20.20.59

Yesterday at 10,910’… surrounded by my lifelong friends; cold, snow, and high heart rate! Felt fleet, felt a sense of Wu-Wei – effortless effort – and raced to a top 10% of all 400+ finishers…today? well, not so much…


in bike racing there is an oft recited catchphrase; “Sometimes you are the hammer, and sometimes? Well you’re the {explicative} nail.”

this morning? feeble ilg was the latter.

in fact, i finished very nearly DEAD LAST!

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finished in 3:03, 26th out of over 500 registrants and over 450 starters. i liked the math going into tomorrow.

most of all? i LOVED seeing my family at the Finish Line; Dewa going crazy with love while holding up her hand-written sign which read, “GO DAD GO!!”

such is why we race.

wish me Godspeed tomorrow and keep your Wholistic Fitness practices strong.

they work.

trust me.

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The gods are said to live lives of fabulous luxury, reveling in every conceivable pleasure, without a thought for the spiritual dimension of life. All seems to go well until death draws near, and unexpected signs of decay appear….

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sure, of course, i love running, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and nowadays taking my daughter along the sinewy sweetness of the massive network and drop-to-your-knees beauty of the Four Corners trails! doh!

but, what only a few of you know?

i love creating and maintaining trails even more!


i love the seduction; trails beckon us further, higher…toward purer terrain. Trails are metaphors for our own yogic, fitness, and life journeys.
i want to do my part in protecting the vinyasa of trails for my daughter’s generations and many more…

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