Coach’s Counsel to an Advanced Yogini

note: do not attempt to accomplish the techniques below without guidance; this is written to an advanced yogini…a yoga teacher who leads many retreats…if, for you, my counsel seems lofty, it is no different than say, racing Imogene Pass as hard as you can, yet, you look up the mountain and there are runners miles ahead of you…i have many students. each on various Levels. not better, just different. the important point is to keep moving Higher and Inward. – may this Teaching help you and do not forward. – ec

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Meditation is…

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” Meditation is bringing the mind back home, and this is first achieved through the practice of…”

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Imogene Taper;  final mountain run to Clear Lake

High Heart Rate with a view…

looking NE over Ophir Pass…the 4wd road pictured. the snow still tinges the southwest edge of the unnamed lake, about 1,200′ below my Pranayama perch. as i was immersed in my pranayama, an Osprey buzzed me at warp speed, nearly sending me off my perch! this is a very Go(o)d place to ilg…

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WF Warrior Miguel

has kindly added this kindling to our collective Tribal Inner Fire…i’ve selected it for our weekly “Get out and Do” Meditation…

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The desperate situation of the planet is slowly waking people up to the necessity for transformation on a global scale.

Enlightenment is real, and there are enlightened masters still on the earth. When you actually meet one, you will be shaken and moved in the depths of your heart and you will realize that all the words, such as illumination and wisdom, that you thought were only ideas are in fact true.

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Temple C(om)ings and Goings…

It’s all about Dewachen and these sattvic summer days these daze…

like a kirtan chant made visible, these hot (by Durango standards; about 88 degrees) sexy summer days are made just that much more blissful by the near daily monsoon afternoon showers which swing through, making everything from sunflowers to baby daughters grow like skyscrapers before my eyes…

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There are many factors which continue to make WF/HP warriors shine so brightly…we’ve got bombproof immunity resistance and surreal recovery due to our Cellular Fitness Nutrition (which is my next Kiva Call coming up!) and we’ve got a world-class method of steadfast training across the physiologic spectrum courtesy of our exclusive Five Fitness Disciplines and Four Lifestyle Principles… one mental training weapon that has been in the WF Quiver for decades unchanged is my PRE-EVENT MEDITATION. Here it is below for Members Only…so, sign up for that next Race and use this Meditation each day of your Taper Week…

with Blessings of (W)holy Sweat,

el coache

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Ilg Meditates

Our fourth 2011 Kiva Talk for WF Members was a Go(o)d one. We dove deep as we explored the fourth Noble Fitness Discipline of Wholistic Fitness: Meditation!

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