my most pertinent encouragement to younger sponsored athletes/yogis? is to consider…

pic: ilg in Weighted Padmasana Push Ups

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make sure you bookmark this precious WF-inspired ripple in our collective cosmic ocean each day for more gifts, more healing, and a whole ton of Transformation seeped with WF spirit and ritual…

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Trust your Practice…all confidence that we bring to the Start Line of a race,
or one m(om)ent; our Bardo Entry,
pivots upon the integrity of the trust and faith we develop in our solo training/Practice…

Abhayasin ilg

pic; the master student of endurance squats, still at it at age 51…are you? 10 sets of 10…you kiddin’ me?! who else does this? get on WF Online Training and quit dinkin’ around! How baaaaad do you want to Rise Higher?

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Unless you witnessed my Beloved through her pregnancy 5 years ago, one might easily pass off my Teachings as something “too athletic” or someother non-sense…just look at how Joy used her unswerving WF Devotion and not overcame medically ascribed “infertility” to conceive during my “Brahmacharaya” (celibacy practice), yet also transformed into Ganesha (the Elephant Goddess of Nurturing and Protection) in order to provide such an immense inner oceanic love station for Dewachen’s w(om)b time…
5 years in the flash of thunder…wow…

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S(om)etimes, especially given the WF quiver of Word Choice arrows designed to bring Awareness and Purification to our Speech, our Wholes(om)es lies in what c(om)es out of our mouth and keyboards! See below for a refresher course on my “TAF” Technique; a long-time part of this Proven Path of Transformation.

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This M(om)ent;  Velvet Morning…

… and now my love of focused fun
among snow covered woods,
pine-lathered mountains, and
high, rocky peaks where only Pika play and occasional Hawks reach their wings into majesty…
reMind me of my True Human Beingness
shouting unheard into my HeartCave;
“Don’t Wait Any Longer…”

so, within the garden of Self,
ilg dives into an inner ocean

each morning…no matter how busy…

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how to stay at 6% bodyfat and elite fitness for over 30 years?  easy…The Secret Whole Food Herbs of WF!

Hi Coach, I am planning on using your 3 phase approach. I plan on making a purchase Feb. 1st what do I need to purchase? Thank you, Jeff

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earn ilg

still walking the talk…you can tell it’s ilg’s season! i just get fired up in Autumn and my training stats and sadhana reflects it! NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT to replicate my physical training stats and low caloric intake…

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