“The sacred snows are falling.

Far up river a silver curtain closes.

Clouds grow
and coldness spawns
across the meadows.

Seek strength through suppleness,
not through force.

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that my Noble Friends?
is called, Listening,Trusting, and DOING what the Deities prescribe for you…

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“You always see so many beautiful things and rangeland share them I thank you from the bottom of my heart coach”

– Shirley Valdez, OR

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elite endurance athletics don’t even come close to the daily measure of fatigue within required focus, and even the strongest yoga vinyasa practice? HA! doesn’t even register in the same zip code as does Single Conscious Parenting…

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Not quite sure which Buddha Realm ilg just spent spinning within along the past 2 hours and 43 miles, all ilg knows is that…ilg bows as deep as my Padmasana allows to ALL single parents everywhere…
makes elite endurance sports look like chicken-feed..

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today; i left an extraordinary snowshoe workout (more on that tomorrow only for WF.com Members!) up a local Sacred Peak only to return to civilization with an abunDance of…

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you damn well know, regardless of age divisions? if they would do a pull up competition or a suppleness competition after each and every bike race? your ol’ feeble ilg would be waaaay closer to the top of the podium than my 2nd place today in event #1 of 4 this week during the DWC Championships where ilg is deeply pressed to defend my 2nd place from last year, let alone one up it! i’d have to satisfy myself with a 2nd place and focus on Tuesday’s Mountain Bike Time Trial…of which here is how ilg is planning to attack my far superior opponent…follow me on: www.wholisticfitness.com

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Lap 2 was sooooo stinking brutal. Chronically sucking in massive amounts of spray water flung from spinning wheels while flinging soaked self after all these Two Bits was REALLY beginning to test my natural state of yogic equanimity while inflaming my genetic predisposition toward Teutonic Barbarianism. I felt a deep urge for a hockey stick and some solid boards into which i could take into some of these weasel-looking roadies.

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