This M(OM)ent…12 hours in the life of ilg…

My precious HP Yogi of 2011, Sandra Lee, receives a comp’d pair of Kahtoola RNR22’s due to her amazing and steadfast in-courage-ments to inspire Native Youths to get out and do! twas my honor to help!

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We don’t if Krishna initiated the Warrior Arjuna with a Mantra before the Big K counseled Arjuna to “Look to your duty; do not tremble before it; nothing is better for a warrior than a battle of sacred duty…”… what we DO know is that your feeble coach has steadfastly counseled all of you in the use of Mantra for Cardio and of course, in HP PROP Workouts. Today, Yogi B writes to me about just how the Mantra protected him from his ego during his recent run;

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Tele Skiing my Dream:  All Was In Alignment…ilg experienced: Tvat Tvam Asi…

cliffs –

everybody thinks of changing humanity…

steep, powder snow –

no one thinks of changing themselves…

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click here for the visual Meditation, then get out and DO YOUR BEST today!

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Our Little Rinpoche’s Bloody Teaching…and how we are turning it inside out to help others…

December 22nd: Amma (Joy) chanting the Sacred Mantra to our daughter as the drug begins to put Dewachen into a Bardo Realm…a harrowing experience that no parent ever wants to see…photo by ilg (who was chanting as well)

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Nor is it something you ever EVER find outside of yourself…be it through Lasers or Athletic Tape applied… It has always been yours, and helped give Birth to you, yet notwithstanding those precious m(OM)ents where you Connect Without Compromise, It still remains those aloof in-stances whereupon you have never actually seen It directly.

The yogi asked the Scientist, “Have you ever been in Love?”

“Yes, replied the Award-Winning Scientist…


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nut 2

i felt the immense and sudden impact of a hundred thousand Conscious Parenting hours hit me in that one heart opening confession of my Chi-ld being so present with her feelings and her trust in me to provide for her…

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snowy stevie

“If you lose the spirit of repetition, your {zen} practice becomes difficult.” – D.T. Suzuki…

only difference with WF?
we don’t just Sit…we SWEAT…c’mon…

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