“2 Much Metal 4 One Hand!”  NYC is in da’ House, Baby!  Student IC’s Private WF Intensive!

This is exactly what a Private Intensive with me is supposed to do – take you into the real texture of a chi-full life…Shishya IC, straight from NYC to Durango for three days; one of which he spent with me. The other two days he spent wisely: chillin’ within the Pranic Potency of Durango as to increase his acclaimed musicianship! i cannot express how important it is for ALL WF fans and students to sign up for at least one WF Private Intensive per year…even if you do a WF Half-Day Training Camps with me and just do like Student IC did and hang in the absolute wonder-land of my hOMetown; your Practice will deepen by lifetimes…as IC found out last Saturday…c’mon…i’ll give you a few snapshots of IC’s Intensive which included snowshoeing, meditation, yoga, and Dharmic Transmission all along the way…

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Ha = Sun

Tha = Moon

Yoga = Union…

therefore, yogi, know thy moons…

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well, that’s just it, isn’t it?


No matter what.

Wholistic Fitness™.

To Dance our Inner Dragons.

To Win Overall Podiums in endurance sports at nearly 50 and still chip away at tight hips all the while…

To Destroy Avidya.

To Balance our Weaknesses.

To Toe The Start Lines…

To one day,

one lifetime…

Win The Human Race…
To BecOMe

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(all access) coach was just…’levitating’…and his student ‘dying’…HP PROP™ baby….

“In that moment I was in another cave — filled with Powder. Then I died and was resurrected back in the cave of champions — collapsing, and very humbled. And what was that final pose that Ilg showed us? He was levitating!”

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as he’s done from the Beginning, Coach takes aim at the conventional fitness world’s latest notions of Warming Up and provides his Tribe with the cOMmon sense of proven wholeness. Here is Part One of his Wholistic Fitness™ Warm Up Protocol for endurance athletes which optimizes pranic, mental, and physical environments. Endurance athletes following his Warm Up Protocol will find greater power production via neuromuscular function and decrease the rate of lactate concentration while increasing the rate of lactate removal. photo of coach in northern Arizona by Ananda.

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don’t be scared; be sacred! actually i called it “High Performance Yoga” for a multi-layered effect; it really means, “Divine Action Union.” you? you just get through that front door, i’ll take wonderful care of you and after your first class you’ll be like, “OMG…! What TOOK me sooo long to do this?!” trust.

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ai imawa

Coach leads some students through the mystically simple, magically empowering Ai Imawa Taoist Yoga Postures taught to him by the Taoist Master, Sensei Kaoru Kishiyama and available to you in DVD, eBook, and package…Members get 10% off..

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Parents and/or caregivers along with children ages 3-8 are welcomed to join certified Yoga teacher Joy Kilpatrick and her family for this special FamilyTime Yoga gathering in celebration of Valentines Day. Incorporating age appropriate storytelling along with Yoga postures, guided breath exercises, chanting, visualizations, relaxation, games, arts & crafts activities to unite the Family from the heart center. No Yoga experience necessary to participate.

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