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Quote of the Day goes to Dewachen Catherine Ilg who came hOMe from kindergarten saying, “i realized today in school that what i think in my mind may not be real.”

dharma backstory:

Dewa has confided to Joy and i (though we’ve been Sensing it for months) that she is REALLY not diggin’ public school and that she sees herself as the “runt of the litter,”

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Since everything is but an apparition,
Perfect in being what it is,
Having nothing to do with good or bad,
Acceptance or rejection
You might as well burst out laughing!

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Excerpt from my weekly HP Yogi Missive to my local sangha here in Durango; “Look to your duty; do not tremble before it; nothing is better for a warrior than a battle of sacred duty. The doors of heaven open for warriors who rejoice to have a battle like this thrust on them by chance.” […]

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You have enriched the lives of so many and have truly made a mark on this world.

Thank you for all you have meant to me and for all you have given to me.

You are my guide, my brother and most of all my friend.

Ai Imawa with love.

Fit Kit

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“Do not walk before me, for i may not follow. Do not walk behind me, for i may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my Friend.” Native American saying…original author unknown pic by ilg; Dewa and Aaaaahmaji doing what we do in Durango during winter…it’s the wind through the hair, it’s the sound […]

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Student Quote of the Week…

Published on Aug 05, 2012 by in Potent Quotes, Teachings


“Coach puts the ILG in pILGrimage!”

– Mountain Mermaid JB

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pic: ilg, after doing perhaps a bit tooo much meditation

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Quote of the Week…

Published on Jul 23, 2012 by in Potent Quotes, Teachings


Dear Coach Ilg,

Considering that We have never met in person and I know only of you from my experience on the WWW, I have to say that your vision of Tranquility , Beauty and Oneness in the Universe, counters all evil that one would encoumter on this Internet. thank you for spreading the love…

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