Before i pinned yet another Auspicious race number upon my jersey yet again…a smile as wide as my most open Upavisthva Konasana permeated my face as i punched the safety pins through the race bib…
they say a Teacher should be judged by the wisdom and capacity of his Students…
so, here, on this Sacred Pilgrimage night of nights is
why feeble, ol’ ilg was grinning like a newborn
and feeling so Blessed to have and to race with the Spirits
of such amazing Students as Thee:

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“I stared at her painting for like two minutes.” –

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My breath saw snow cap mountains and loved the clear crisp air. I could hear Coach who is nearby saying “hold and hover here for a moment, your body will thank you”…

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if you can’t feel the Spiritual Tenacity and Fierce Love of Padmasambhava?
chances are? you ain’t gonna last long in this Steep and Direct Path of Self Transformation through
Wholistic Fitness®…you best just default to say, uh…CrossFit™, or Pilates™, or Kettleball Whatever…cuz
you ain’t gonna last a month in Wholistic Fitness®…i promise…after 35 years of living and teaching this Path which Came Through Me Via The Amitabha Buddha Lineage…it’s best if you just stay away…Warriors Toward Wholeness only thrive Here Now…

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Noble Sangha;

My second book was “The Outdoor Athlete’s Training Journal” which came in book and a (then) cutting edge CD-ROM the latter of which came within one Apple’s CEO decision to be bundled with all new Apple computers. Alas, karmically, that was not to be…however, it is still very important for WF Warriors to maintain a daily Journal, where we can easily see in Black and White each month, where are weaker WF Disciplines lie and then, take Appropriate Action to balance them. For most WF Students, it’s the most important Discipline of all; Meditation, which sadly tends to be the weakest link in our pursuit of Wholeness through Personal Fitness….

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dewa snow

Whatever we have done with our lives makes us what we are when we die. And everything, absolutely everything…

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ilg admits; it’s been the steepest headwall i’ve ever attempted to climb
yet, thanks to my Practice begotten from my Teachers…your Teachers..our Teachers…of this
amazing Precious Path of WF?
my Essential Nature of Mind is only intensifying through the difficulty…not diminishing…
how doth the saying go?
“The interruptions ARE the Practice!”

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Conscious Parenting:  Are You Being Threatened To Vaccinate Your Precious Chi-ld?   Fight Fire With Fire…this will back ’em down…

Being threatened to vaccinate your child? Besides being a cOMplete lack of Divine Faith, succumbing your chi-ld to the pressures of vaccination rips through the physiologic vulnerability of your chi-ld’s cells (which parents are supposed to protect) causing a rampage of endocrine, immune, and God knows what other wholesale manslaughter upon the psycho/spiritual Level.

Even in the hippie-influenced, progressive, and open-minded bubbles like Flagstaff and Durango where our still-unvaccinated and surreally-healthly Dewa has spent her 4 years thus far, Ananda and i can only imagine what it must be like for some of you Conscious Parents when you want to take a stand and stop the insane influx of multiple toxic chemicals and their karmic/samskaric reverberations shot into your Precious, Pure and Wholistically Healthy infant and toddler and pre-schooler…

So, take a look at this…

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