Coach Steve Ilg’s 5 Tips To Becoming A Stronger Athlete

To my ears, the term, “stronger athlete” equates to a wholistically balanced being capable of high performance in all physiologic areas; strength, endurance (short, mid and ultra), suppleness/agility, mental fitness, and a mastery of nutrition. That, to me, monuments a “stronger athlete” and that is precisely how i train those who knock upon my humble, powerful Temple Door of Wholistic Fitness®…

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Since improving my diet and other wholistic activities, and consuming Assimilaid for the past few weeks, my acid reflux has improved dramatically. I might have said cured, except recently, after a week in Gallup, NM eating crappy food, it came back a bit. Now it is again on the wane.

What other measures, yoga routines, etc. might you recommend?

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Mother Earth Day!   What If Everybody Did It?

…besides, how often do you get to see a bona fide Princess picking up

other people’s trash?


“Yes, my love?”

“How come some people throw trash on our Mother Earth?”

“Well, baby girl?…they just didn’t have Go(o)d Teachers…that’s all…”

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Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.37.50 PM

yet both – Holding a Grudge and Gossiping – are on the podium of the “Do Not Do List” of the yogic/spiritual athlete hit list. Why? More on that in a m(om)ment…for now, let’s explore a bit deeper the attraction of holding a grudge…

ilg begins each Wednesday night HP Yoga® Class with the most ancient Prayer known; it is the Prayer of the Five Dhyana Buddha’s and there is a line in there which is a real stinker for us feeble Seekers along the Higher Way…it goes;

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“…we get out…we get out with our kids, our Loved Ones, our selves, most of all…and we Breathe..and we Listen..and we Merge…into the SnowDance…”

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Picture 16

“Green Tara baby! Its on like donkey kong! I can’t wait to send you some pics where you can see your work and inspiration in me. You and your teachings keep me sane. Thank you sir! I can’t wait to get a job (been out of work for over a year) and join the member area of WF. Wishing you the best of days sir!”

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So how do you make Self Transformation stick like red klister onto your Soul cells for one year? I’ll tell ya.

Replace habits with Ritual. You see, Noble One Awakening, ‘habits’ are by definition unconscious. Unless you are a Wholistic Fitness® student/yogi, you probably brushed your teeth this morning, with what, uh, let ilg guess…your DOMINATE HAND. Why? Because it was easy. It is your HABIT. Whatever HABITS you hold? Keep yours spiritual self asleep. For instance, let’s say

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Wet Lines,  Empty Mind…a mountain yogi’s funny fish tale…

ilg has been steadfastly stalking this huge, beautiful Trout Being for the past several weeks in a not-so-secluded pool just off the Colorado Trail near my childhood home up Junction Creek Canyon, Durango, Colorado. i’ve been in my Zendo, applying not only the mandatory Mantra’s for the safety of any harming ilg might cause, but also the Zen Archery technique to catching (and releasing) this beautiful Trout for weeks…visualizing which fly i’m going use, my approach, what time of the morning, my presentation of cast, the drift, the mend…you know, all the other 10,000 Things which keep fly fisherpeople like ilg awake at night…well, FINALLY, the Universe aligned Herself so this new, old Daddy could combine a training run with yet another ninja assault upon my Present Precious Trout Podium Being…the girls left the house early enough and i was alone!!! so, of course, i picked up a burrito to go and a pear (a pear?) along with my Ilg Supreme from Sunrider Herbs…that’s when the hilariousness of the Divine began…

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