Dighándíshwo’go bee shidziil…
(Running makes me strong)
running felt more natural to me than walking.
why walk,
when you can run like a Wolf?

until i broke my spine.
i still run.
i still race, kinda.
it ain’t the same.
not carefree feet flirting like Dewa’s upon and across Mother Earth’s skin.
not any more.

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  pic;  feeble ilg Beginning Again and Again during a personal Practice of “Japa Mala” whereupon each bead of one’s Blessed Mala is fingered mindfully with an inner recitation of a syllable from one’s Blessed Mantra   Rarely can i peruse a paper or blog or scan through any form of social media these Kali […]

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i transformed one of my students of yoga/bodywork – a former National Champion in his sport – back to the top ten of last weekends’ National CycleCross Championships in Austin, TX. one year ago? his body was like the fabled tale of Zumbaks’ Suit; all twisted and contorted and full of deep cellular, neural, and hormonal imbalance from decades of professional cycling without a wholistic coach in his corner.

in the past 12 months…

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a key ingredient to the success of my injury-liberating, wholeness-gathering Path of training has been the yogic principle of ‘Ahimsa’ or ‘do no harm’ to your body, mind, or spirit while training. many more body-oriented fitness systems bulldoze the American public with their version of the “The Next Big Thing,” for personal fitness, leaving behind them a wake of non-Awakened, injured warriors. Realistically? One must honor the spiritual, mental, chemical, hormonal, and neural energetics first and foremost if you’re still gonna be cranking your fitness into your final chapters of your Sacred Journey called life….below, i answer a young Seeker’s question about my integration (or lack thereof?) of Kettle Bells into Wholistic Fitness®. Enjoy, and may your Practice benefit..

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Ilg Meditates

  “…many have the predictable (if not obbessive) capacity for high intensity sweat….how few, however, have the equal intensity or capacity to Sit Still?” Wholistic Fitness® by Steve Ilg, because Specialization is for Insects…   When you meditate, breathe naturally, just as you always do. Focus your awareness lightly on the outbreath. When you breathe […]

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kit for fit

Fit Kit, back in 2010 during a private training intensive with me beneath Doko Oosliid, the western Sacred Peak of the Navajo Nation…little did he know that 4 years later he would be an instrumental part of funding my trail i’m building for the Navajo children of the Beclabito Day School, each of which honors “Doko” several times more meaningful – i suspect – as non-natives do the State of Liberty. Fit Kit already donated $50 at my first Temple Gong, and now? he DOUBLED it…see my c(om)munication with him below…

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Perhaps it’s that pranic sustenance springing forth from spring itself, yet what I do notice is that my natural state of joy (sacred, inherent, ongoing beyond happy feelings) is resonating deeper yet more accessible within the quilt of everyday life. It’s kinda like, i am c(om)ing to terms with the fact that my LifeWork is

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(all access)  ilg’s Green Chili Stew recipe

ilg’s Green Chile Stew

i must really, really, REALLY love y’all…cuz normally, i’m too selfish a yogi to reveal s(om)ething this pranically powerful! enjoy! let me know how you like it!

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