…when Joy was teaching yoga to Dewa’s kindergarten class, she asked, “Why is Hearing so important?”

to which one very Bodhisattivic boy replied without hesistation:

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…and, then, upon arriving at the summit?

ilg had Blissfully renounced all such Outer Worldly thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations

and relaxed like a Bear into hibernation

into the Spiritual Realm that outsiders know only as…

Durango, Colorado.

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“i will take care of myself, i will take care of you, we are One!”

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“Greetings Two-wheeled, Two-skied Master! We thank you again for introducing Asea Sacred Water to us (and highlighting the quality of Sunrider Herbs).  Leanne is on race 2 of 2 tomorrow, two back to back half-marathons.  She took 1st in her 35-39AG last week and hopes to do well in the next race tomorrow. She KNOWS […]

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This M(om)ent…Walking In San Juan Beauty…

“…I pledge allegiance to the soil

of Turtle Island

one ecosystem

in diversity

under the sun –

With joyful interpenetration for all.”

– Gary Synder

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I want to try the MAP aminos but I have a few questions first…

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Morning Runs; the karmic seat of my Soul…

9:42 am: when ilg runs? the simplest, most fragile of things open my heart, filet it wide open, and my spirit just soars into Father Sky…what IS IT about running feet massaging Mother Earth that shakes our Chakra’s so?! who CARES about health, longevity, fitness? to be able to run along the treasured forested paths is ENOUGH by itself! ilg hasn’t been running through decades because i reckon it might tack on a few more years to my incarnation…ilg runs because running is Pilgrimage, it’s more than the Seat of my Soul, it’s the Karmic SWEAT OF MY SOUL!

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Game Face on; ilg at 50…still toeing the Start Line and making the Game chi-full…”i’m totally stoked to finish 2nd place in the 50+ AG here at the DWC Championships…considering that Ivan (Unkovskoy) was the only person to beat me over the course of 4 various cycling events? That’s like finishing second to Ned Overend or John Tomac!…for a yoga teacher who trains at a fraction of the volume of these guys do on a bike in THIS mecca of world-class cyclists? are you kidding me? this New Old Daddy is TOALLY stoked! and i don’t even have fancy bike racing equipment! i see my second place as a huge HOORAH! for all c(om)men men who don’t train on bikes a lot but rather rely on what i teach, Wholistic Fitness™!”

here is how i did it, stage by stage:

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