pic by HP Yogini Dawagahti Lee:  your feeble teacher of nothing, “Off in search of a great perhaps,” beginning a 4-mile descent on my mountain bike after riding it up and stashing it at 12,378′ to peak run/scramble the seld(om)-visited summit of Three Needle Peak (13,491′) on Sunday, errr, yesterday. see my personal FB page for […]

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apic of Dewa’s left hand bec(om)ing a conduit of  It All as she tangibly Connects with another precious Butterfly Being.  this pic was captured by Sandra Lee last week, during a run/hike in the upper Piedra River Canyon near where once, many moons ago when i lived in Pagosa Springs,  i used to watch River Otters […]

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…mind unruffled
shaking distractions away
like the wind-god
scatters a few
forest leaves.

– Kottitha
(written a few thousand years ago)

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Sitting Just To Be

Published on Jan 13, 2016 by in Haiku, Meditation, Teachings


the moment i begin to teach meditation to a new student, they usually ask about my own spiritual benchmarks. i’m obligated not to share too much, for in doing so would only empower my ahamkara (egoic sheath) and color my student’s meditation journey which is not my SvaDharma (Sacred Duty)…

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who says an inhale is not High Prayer?

an exhale…a Karmic Cleanse?

feeble ilg reckons

most people have become Sheep – mediocre and incapable of mining spiritual depth from the seeming mundane.


because their Solo Practices and Prayers

have been replaced by…what?

social media? expensive yoga classes led by overly nubile, Prana-clad females? addiction to jobs and money over quality time spent with Loved Ones/family? fancy churches and temples?

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Big Medicine Day for feeble ilg..i re-visited after a couple of decades my old ‘office’ of Eldorado Canyon where during a decade i was engulfed in a tidal wave of sacred creation; where once i put up dozens of First Ascents which to this day, legions of rock climbers still monument my original ascents…oh, baby, have things changed since my near daily pilgrimages to this unspeakably precious crayola-colored canyon hallmarked by a clear, wild creek rushing over still tumbling (though be it in slow-motion) boulders.

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Dighándíshwo’go bee shidziil…
(Running makes me strong)
running felt more natural to me than walking.
why walk,
when you can run like a Wolf?

until i broke my spine.
i still run.
i still race, kinda.
it ain’t the same.
not carefree feet flirting like Dewa’s upon and across Mother Earth’s skin.
not any more.

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  pic;  feeble ilg Beginning Again and Again during a personal Practice of “Japa Mala” whereupon each bead of one’s Blessed Mala is fingered mindfully with an inner recitation of a syllable from one’s Blessed Mantra   Rarely can i peruse a paper or blog or scan through any form of social media these Kali […]

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