“2 Much Metal 4 One Hand!”  NYC is in da’ House, Baby!  Student IC’s Private WF Intensive!

This is exactly what a Private Intensive with me is supposed to do – take you into the real texture of a chi-full life…Shishya IC, straight from NYC to Durango for three days; one of which he spent with me. The other two days he spent wisely: chillin’ within the Pranic Potency of Durango as to increase his acclaimed musicianship! i cannot express how important it is for ALL WF fans and students to sign up for at least one WF Private Intensive per year…even if you do a WF Half-Day Training Camps with me and just do like Student IC did and hang in the absolute wonder-land of my hOMetown; your Practice will deepen by lifetimes…as IC found out last Saturday…c’mon…i’ll give you a few snapshots of IC’s Intensive which included snowshoeing, meditation, yoga, and Dharmic Transmission all along the way…

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Ananda Triathlon Update:  “Geez, i’m feelin’ pretty tired…”

quite frankly, i was surprised by all the Love Missives sailed this way from y’all when i announced that my Beloved Ananda was going to do a Triathlon in April…her first as a mommy and her first ever triathlon for that matter at age 44…

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final Race Report From Chi-filled Chama:  3 Medals in 2 Days…a Super Sacred Sweat!

Remind me again why the hell i should NOT raise my daughter to be a nordic ski racer? futilely yet steadfastly chasing last year’s champion, Clay Moseley – a world class cyclist – during last Sunday’s 10k Chama Ski Classic. elevation; close to 10,000’. remember, this the day AFTER racing a 15k Freestyle race at the same elevation! as you can see, i’ve at least manufactured a big gap between myself and third place…more importantly, i’m trying to put seconds between myself and anyone else in the King Of The Mountain (KOM) competition which goes to the fastest Classic 10k skier and 5k Snowshoer…as you’ll soon read, i would lose my KOM title by 40 seconds. photo by Pat Hogan.

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snowshoe twilight

coach announces his hosting of Durango’s first ever Sport Snowshoeing Race; “The Winter Warrior 10k” plus reveals an incredible self-healing gem for our inspiration, and gives you the link to his latest beautiful column; “RUNNING ON WATER”

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Frigid Beauty; My First Pics of 2011

Snow pillows perched like popped corn atop ancient river stones…

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(An)other M(OM)ent (In) Ti(me);  “Do boobies have bones?”

It was Dewa who spotted this magnificent setting of Grandfather yesterday evening…Ananda was quick enough to capture it…given our Teachings this week, this photo reMinds ilg and Moves ilg to the understanding that just because we may not yell or scream or cuss or drink or whatever, doesn’t mean we don’t have Work to do with Anger…these clouds in Father Sky as we discussed this week reMind me that even passiveness equals anger…it’s just not acted out. the following five adorable Dewa-filled photos and my captions are sync’d up perfectly with our Teachings in the SanghaLounge and here this week…may we all Benefit…Can’t you just feel a celestial MIGHT within those beautiful Cloud Sisters in the pic above?! Conduct thyself in the manner of Father Sky and just let come what may come, and let go what goes.

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kitchen shiva

Most Noble Sangha,

make no mistake; along the Spiritual Path – among Western Awakened Fitness Warriors – the Mindful Practice of Hand Washing Dishes should be leaped toward by any sincere WF Student, not shied away from.

undone dishes is a metaphor for our undigested thoughts.

if left undigested, Thoughts naturally morph into Samskaric ripples, each one eventually needing…

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It’s a funny thing, ain’t it?
You and i Here Now, again?
Beginning Again and Again, and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment?
According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones? You and i have been attracted toward one another for lifetimes – not unlike the way Moth Beings are attracted indiscriminately toward the Light…at whatever the cost.

According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones, you and i – at whatever Level – have reConnected in this particular Dharma Vehicle known as the Internet, due to our past karma.

We still – you and i – have Work to do.

The work we have to do? Is Wholeness. And, there are 3 pivotal aspects that we need to recognize about our continual Journey Higher.

The most common question ilg gets asked by those New to my Path is typical; “How soon can I expect results?”
Here are the Three Wholistic Realizations Which Must Flower In Your Heart:

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