Dear Steve, i hope all is well with the Ilg clan. While ordering my Sunrider products i was informed they don’t make Action Caps any more. Should i replace these with something else? Thank you Steve. Love, Kendo

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Since improving my diet and other wholistic activities, and consuming Assimilaid for the past few weeks, my acid reflux has improved dramatically. I might have said cured, except recently, after a week in Gallup, NM eating crappy food, it came back a bit. Now it is again on the wane.

What other measures, yoga routines, etc. might you recommend?

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Picture 16

“Green Tara baby! Its on like donkey kong! I can’t wait to send you some pics where you can see your work and inspiration in me. You and your teachings keep me sane. Thank you sir! I can’t wait to get a job (been out of work for over a year) and join the member area of WF. Wishing you the best of days sir!”

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deep pow

yet another Sister found through the Deep Pow Connection…and if you don’t know how Sacred the Deep Pow Connection is?
ya’ just ain’t yet livin’ the WF life to her fullest…that is why ilg offers Private Intensives…ilg will take you into the k(Now)…pic by ilg at Wolf Creek (nearly 11,000′) during pow(der) day…

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senior yogi

Dear Coach,
What do you tell a super obese 45 year old woman who wants to get lean and have super sculpted muscles by doing yoga? You are a yoga expert.

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River is not shy in her beauty…

Eagle is not shy in his flight..

only Human’s – who’ve been inculcated with myriad parental/societal belief structures superimposed upon our true Nature – are shy (or underconfident).

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“Beloved Coach,

i was Full of Fire tonight for my L(ate)MR practice (as opposed to EMR!) followed by the Basic HP Prop workout. Mostly because of a lovely girl i’ve met, and all that experience is triggering…whoa…HEAVY STUFF, MAN!!! i am so fear-full of falling in love again and flowing with all that seems to entail…all of the change…all of the vulnerability…”


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Noble Sangha;
ilg trusts by this point in your WF Journey, you are really embracing your understanding and daily Practice of Pranayama…even if it is only through my EMR DVD…
there is nothing more important to our spiritual ascent toward Wholeness before we leave this incarnation, then mastering elemental pranayamic fitness before the
age of 75…if you need Guidance, that is why ilg has chosen to Be Here Now for you…use me! get going on your own Pranayama Fitness Training Program today!

the following is an actual training exchange between myself and a beautiful, skillful Warrior of our Path….

Blessed and Wholy remain your Practice Higher,

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