pic: the Rainbow All-Ways leads you to what is Most Important…Dewa quickly drew this during the  Awards Ceremony at my final Winter Race of this season which aptly included both Dewa and Joy Kilpatrick whose Noble Efforts took us to an Overall Title… i went hard for the first 800 meters… knew the Course…was a […]

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My response, “Love is all there Is. Love is the accumulated Divine Karma from our countless past lives which propels our Atman (Soul) into and cultivates the context of our next incarnation. Love is what bubbles to the egoic surface once we’ve scrubbed away Fear, Boredom, Judgment, and Anger. Love is…

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16 Reasons why i don’t write books any longer….

actual excerpt from a personal correspondence:
“Coach! Even at your age {53} you are like the most balanced, accomplished warrior athlete still out there winning Overalls in all these crazy sports! When is your next book coming out! I am almost half your age now and need another ILG BOOK!”

To be published in 2016? Sorry, no longer interests me. I’d rather do online Wholistic Fitness® coaching, training, yoga teaching, bodywork and be a Conscious Parent to my 8 year-old than write another book only to be lost in the quagmire of supposed self-published ‘authors’…”

whenever i read of a Self Published Book Author giving a Book Signing?
i run the other way…

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Preston amma & D $ shot

“Are you okay Mommy if i go?”

Joy looked at her daughter through her sweat-soaked eyes and replied,

“Darling Girl? You GO, get that racer! I’ll see you at the Finish Line, my Love!!!” as her shouting voice trailed off into the divine reverberations of a snow-clad Cascade Canyon…

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who says an inhale is not High Prayer?

an exhale…a Karmic Cleanse?

feeble ilg reckons

most people have become Sheep – mediocre and incapable of mining spiritual depth from the seeming mundane.


because their Solo Practices and Prayers

have been replaced by…what?

social media? expensive yoga classes led by overly nubile, Prana-clad females? addiction to jobs and money over quality time spent with Loved Ones/family? fancy churches and temples?

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“At an early age,
winter sports came into my life and fulfilled a spiritual sphere which continues to expand toward a divine bliss. Coldness, sweat, and snow have incredible beauty, mystique, and power. Such qualities inherent to winter sports are far more transformative than books, temples, and the idiocy of people and their addiction to perceived comfort and duality.”

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Escalation of spiritual ignorance….an ilg published editorial

pictured above: my Sacred Animas River manifesting full throttle the manifestation of White Man’s stupid attachment to monetary greed

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yeah, my kids are using ‘real’ yoga mats like the ones my ‘peer’ teachers and their mass of rich, white adult students are using a few mountain passes away at the Telluride Yoga Festival…nope, we hand cut these Emergency Material pads from a hardware store….wanna help get my Rez Kidz some REAL YOGA mats? contact me at: steve@wholisticfitness.com

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