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i and my family are not receiving any money from these special offers to you…it is just my offering to you with a wink, because i know that your training will benefit from using these products.

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“Daddy!” Dewa shrieked as i appeared at the threshold of her Kindergarten Classroom, holding my Hall Permit from the staunch Check In personnel at Needham Elementary School, to pick my daughter up early in order to assist the 5-generation Durangoan Zink Family in their Mission to restore 50 acres of Animas River Valley to their vital and historic, wetland condition. We were going to spend our afternoon planting trees in wetlands. As i felt my daughter thump into my outstretched arms in front of her entire class and Teachers, a rush of low self-esteem swept over me…never in my life, let alone at age 5, has ilg ever been capable or willing to display such an outwardly embrace of Love. During our hug, i saw her classmates, each of them smiling at our embrace. “Okay…this mOMent alone is enough,” i felt to myself…yet, it was merely the beginning to another miraculously sacred ‘Daddy & Dewa Day Time’…c’mon…a lot of Dharma to follow!

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tree pose

Quote of the Day goes to Dewachen Catherine Ilg who came hOMe from kindergarten saying, “i realized today in school that what i think in my mind may not be real.”

dharma backstory:

Dewa has confided to Joy and i (though we’ve been Sensing it for months) that she is REALLY not diggin’ public school and that she sees herself as the “runt of the litter,”

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Phew…after 37-miles and 2k of climbing, i attacked our lead group at 800 meters to go into a headwind then (once again) used HP Yoga Prop Workout core strength to kick again like a half dead trout to take the final sprint by half a wheel over my…

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This M(om)ent…

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You know you live in Durango Colorado when…

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(all access!)  WF TEMPLE GONG!  Let’s Make History:  Get Dawagahti To Nationals This March!


She could be the FIRST female Native American to compete at the US National Snowshoe Championships this March 15-17…i NEED YOUR WARRIOR HAND!

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in some circumstances, an unpacked Course is safer in snow event situations than a packed powder Course.

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“It was a genuine please having Steve Ilg in my {spin} class today. I became aware of Steve in 1988, when our Outdoor Adventures staff used his book, The Outdoor Athlete, for sport specific training. It was even more exciting to have such an endorsement of my spin class instruction. Many thanks Steve! I look forward to Saturday.” – Scot Davis,

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