feeble ilg’s offering to my precious Friends Along The Path tonight? Just these Three Gems along the Way Toward Wholeness…

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Dear Coach Ilg,
My name is James Carpenter. Ten years ago, I bought your book Total Body Transformation when I was 16 years old. At that time, I wasn’t ready for such a sophisticated program, so the book sat on my shelf until last year. I’ve been following the programs in the book, and it’s been very rich and rewarding.
It’s a little funny because…

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Ilg, at 51, is a modern day warrior. His battlefield though, is one of his own creation. It is a place of mental and physical competition, toeing start lines, and seeking enlightenment through what he calls, “sacred sweat.”

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Coach Steve Ilg’s 5 Tips To Becoming A Stronger Athlete

To my ears, the term, “stronger athlete” equates to a wholistically balanced being capable of high performance in all physiologic areas; strength, endurance (short, mid and ultra), suppleness/agility, mental fitness, and a mastery of nutrition. That, to me, monuments a “stronger athlete” and that is precisely how i train those who knock upon my humble, powerful Temple Door of Wholistic Fitness®…

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“As a 50+ year-old steadfast student of sustained high heart-rates while immersed in diversified outdoor sports has and continues to reveal more to feeble ilg about the nature of lower mind (manas), ego (ahamkara), and Higher Mind (buddhi) to me than all my university level and personally-pursued studies of comparative religion and spirituality.

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Mother Earth Day!   What If Everybody Did It?

…besides, how often do you get to see a bona fide Princess picking up

other people’s trash?


“Yes, my love?”

“How come some people throw trash on our Mother Earth?”

“Well, baby girl?…they just didn’t have Go(o)d Teachers…that’s all…”

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So how do you make Self Transformation stick like red klister onto your Soul cells for one year? I’ll tell ya.

Replace habits with Ritual. You see, Noble One Awakening, ‘habits’ are by definition unconscious. Unless you are a Wholistic Fitness® student/yogi, you probably brushed your teeth this morning, with what, uh, let ilg guess…your DOMINATE HAND. Why? Because it was easy. It is your HABIT. Whatever HABITS you hold? Keep yours spiritual self asleep. For instance, let’s say

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Trust your Practice…all confidence that we bring to the Start Line of a race,
or one m(om)ent; our Bardo Entry,
pivots upon the integrity of the trust and faith we develop in our solo training/Practice…

Abhayasin ilg

pic; the master student of endurance squats, still at it at age 51…are you? 10 sets of 10…you kiddin’ me?! who else does this? get on WF Online Training and quit dinkin’ around! How baaaaad do you want to Rise Higher?

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