all pics by Joy Kilpatrick…GREAT JOB, AMMAJI!!!… Team Ilg! oh man, what it takes to get both yourself AND your kid to the Start Line!? phew! reckon that’ll be my warmup again! — at Durango Nordic Track.   Well, Yesterday’s race day certainly was wholistic! chaotic, hard, sacred, tricky, and somewhat embarrassing! Finished 6th OA, […]

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  God granted feeble ilg two strong arms. Connected to two strong legs via a well-conditioned core and a Meditation-empowered mind all of which was (had to be) developed after I was paralyzed. The other day ilg was Blessed enough to use my strong arms for a fist pump and a grasp on a(nother) crystal […]

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…mind unruffled
shaking distractions away
like the wind-god
scatters a few
forest leaves.

– Kottitha
(written a few thousand years ago)

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pic of Dewachen Ilg (8) Saturday while fishing at Vallecito Lake, near Durango, Colorado.  Moments after i snapped this pic,  i netted a 16″, 2lb that D-cat hooked and landed…providing a wonderful meal for her family! “Your body is so beautiful just the way it Is. It is a living, breathing Truth of God. Cosmetic […]

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Changing It Up:  From Winter to Summer Racing…a Wholistic Perspective…

Confidence is born from Training.

Though i’ve not sat in a bicycle saddle a FRACTION of the time compared to the mighty warrior brothers tonight? Ilg will be smiling upon my aero bars, hunkered low against Sister Wind, snapping my thighs at the top tube, recollecting my times offering my sweat upon the scared snows while ski racing, snowshoeing, and doing the MULTISPORT DANCE!

Wholeness lives in versatility.

Never count out your ‘lack of specific training’…that’s an illusion of the sport-specific Clans…so predictable in their lack of wholeness, in their lack of trust in It All…

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Don’t be in too much of a hurry to solve all your doubts and problems. As the masters say: “Make haste slowly.” I always tell my students not to have unreasonable expectations, because it takes time for spiritual growth. It takes years to learn Japanese properly or to become a doctor. Can we really expect […]

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16 Reasons why i don’t write books any longer….

actual excerpt from a personal correspondence:
“Coach! Even at your age {53} you are like the most balanced, accomplished warrior athlete still out there winning Overalls in all these crazy sports! When is your next book coming out! I am almost half your age now and need another ILG BOOK!”

To be published in 2016? Sorry, no longer interests me. I’d rather do online Wholistic Fitness® coaching, training, yoga teaching, bodywork and be a Conscious Parent to my 8 year-old than write another book only to be lost in the quagmire of supposed self-published ‘authors’…”

whenever i read of a Self Published Book Author giving a Book Signing?
i run the other way…

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taylor 2010

skill in WF? not important.
ability in WF? none needed.
intellectual prowess in WF? Lord no!
what matters most along this Proven Path of Wholeness?
consistency of Practice.

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