josh snowshoe pose

Deeply and highly talented ashtangi yogi Josh Schrei at timberline, in the Sangré de Christos. Josh is one of the rare yogis that realized there is more to Wholeness than mastering yoga-asana flows. Many yogis, i’ve found, can’t see the notion of Wholeness through their infatuation with the thicket of asanas. I’ve found ‘studio yogis’ to be just as resistant to the gym and cardio as are gym and cardio athletes resistant to yoga! Josh is only a few months into his WF Online Studies and has finished 1st place (AG) in his first snowshoe race, has returned into the Iron Temple, and will race a 50k Mountain Trail Race in May. Below are some of his beautiful inSights about his return to Strength and Cardio Training…i PROMISE, you will not hear such deep insights from the conventionally-trained! Enjoy and May Yogi Josh’s practice insights illumine (y)our own training toward Wholeness!

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Student Q&A:  (More) Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of…yet should!  “GP Squats”

hi coach,
i did miss a question when I was reviewing my new online training program?
i don’t know exactly what “GP Squats” are and have not found the definition in Total Body Transformation anywhere.
direct me to it if you will!
much thanks,
New Student MM

Coach Responds:

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Iron-fisted Chaturanga…

Like vapors of the Ancient One’s ujjayi breathing, in the HP Yoga™ tradition, the Iron-fisted Chaturanga still remains a pranically-potent catalyst of all principles sacred to the High Mountain Yogi Tradition…the “Ilg Loincloth” exclusively by www.verveclimbing.com Below, i describe how to safely enter, sustain, and exit this nadic-firing posture of the Ancient Ones and describe the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

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ilg thinking

Dear Mr. Ilg,

First I must say I have long respected your astonishing intellect about wholistic training and noble sport performance done for spiritual reasons. Your books have inspired me and my family, I want to make sure you know that. Thank you.

Now…please also understand that I understand that among several other deeply perturbing ‘training assignments’, you actually coach your students to pee in the sink presumably “to save water.” This struck me as so utterly divorced from what a “Personal Trainer” and ” Yogi” should be…please, tell me that such crude behavior is just rumor!

A Precariously Perched Fan

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A(nother) M(om)ent In Time

tomorrow, a local reporter is going to come to my morning HP Yoga™ class.

how in this world – within a flimsy hour of Sacred Sweat – shall ilg EVER attempt to Transmit the majestic Path of WF and ALL of our Tribal collective cries and accomplishments of Awakening to a reporter?

here is the answer:

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Even our biologic family may not necessarily be our deepest spiritual family, yet the Grocery Store clerk very well might…

Is karma really so hard to see in operation? Don’t we only have to look back at our own lives to see clearly the consequences of some of our actions? When we upset or hurt someone, didn’t it rebound on us? Were we not left with a bitter and dark memory, and the shadows of self-disgust?

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tree drops

“Tree Drops” as captured by Coach Ilg.  Many of you have cOMmented with much Metta on my photography over the years…if you are indeed touched by some of my pics?   Ilg can’t take credit for anything except, “Just Listening” to my world around me…Vishnu takes care of the rest. *** It must have been last […]

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Hips Tight? Fight Fire With Fire!

Hey Coach, I’m going to try to make your yoga class tomorrow – I think it should be just the answer to finals stress. So my sister and my mom both have your Basic Strength HP Yoga DVD now. My sister is doing really well with it (it sounds like anyway) and so far, my […]

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