Sit quietly. From the depths of your heart, invoke in the sky in front of you the embodiment of the truth in the person of your master, a saint, or an enlightened being. Try to visualize the master or buddha as alive and as radiant and translucent as a rainbow. If you have difficulty […]

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Dear Dewachen Catherine Ilg,
you are my Rinpoche of all Rinpoche’s…
being your Daddy (this time around) is my Karma,
the dynamics of our precious circum-Stance is our Samskaric dance…

can’t believe you’ll be 7 on 9/11…

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Wake UP and Bite Back at Mediocrity!!!  More Ancient Teachings from the Sacred Spires…

Dewa and Amma ( Joy Kilpatrick ) grinding corn in an ancient Mataté…awes(om)e lower back opener…any wonder that our ‘modern civilization’ which has removed itself so far from functional fitness for everyday tasks and nature suffers from so many dis-eases of body, mind, and spirit? it’s no wonder to me, in fact, it’s embarrassing how soft and weak our species has become due to an ever growing addiction to comfort…

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Conscious Parenting; Dandelion Teaching – honoring emotive/feeling dance

Through my family?
Even numbskull ilg is learning the art of skillful appropriation;
when to be fierce
and when to just let be.
Like dandelions dancing within my yard.

Tonight, as i watched…

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“The sacred snows are falling.

Far up river a silver curtain closes.

Clouds grow
and coldness spawns
across the meadows.

Seek strength through suppleness,
not through force.

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“Yes, Sweetheart?”
{coming up to hug and kiss Joy Kilpatrick and i}
“I’m glad I picked THESE kind of parents!”

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click my personal Facebook® page for this Sunday Sermon of Conscious Parenting and Chi-ld Wisdom…

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Dewa’s Got Her M(om)’s Stage Skillset Fer SURE:  She KILLED IT on-stage at 5!

feeble ilg could NOT be more (yogically) ‘proud’ of our precious daughter…who KILLED IT on stage tonight at Ft. Lewis in a crowd-going-crazy rendition of “Music Box Dancers”…Dewachen? Daddy was in tears of joy flowing from my spiritual heart! You got your momma’s stage skills few sure…

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