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Quote of the Day goes to Dewachen Catherine Ilg who came hOMe from kindergarten saying, “i realized today in school that what i think in my mind may not be real.”

dharma backstory:

Dewa has confided to Joy and i (though we’ve been Sensing it for months) that she is REALLY not diggin’ public school and that she sees herself as the “runt of the litter,”

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Puggy? thanks for getting my back from Above, and i’ve got your back every morning in my zendo…
and am watching the Signs…
we’ll be fishing (the cosmic lake) together again soon…

Puggy 2…your first son

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“It was a genuine please having Steve Ilg in my {spin} class today. I became aware of Steve in 1988, when our Outdoor Adventures staff used his book, The Outdoor Athlete, for sport specific training. It was even more exciting to have such an endorsement of my spin class instruction. Many thanks Steve! I look forward to Saturday.” – Scot Davis,

Sage Film & Video
wisdom in motion

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“Do not walk before me, for i may not follow. Do not walk behind me, for i may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my Friend.” Native American saying…original author unknown pic by ilg; Dewa and Aaaaahmaji doing what we do in Durango during winter…it’s the wind through the hair, it’s the sound […]

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my most pertinent encouragement to younger sponsored athletes/yogis? is to consider…

pic: ilg in Weighted Padmasana Push Ups

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Picture 16

“Green Tara baby! Its on like donkey kong! I can’t wait to send you some pics where you can see your work and inspiration in me. You and your teachings keep me sane. Thank you sir! I can’t wait to get a job (been out of work for over a year) and join the member area of WF. Wishing you the best of days sir!”

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my personal goal this Yogi Jesus Birthday was to spend every m(om)ent of it within reach of my two girls embrace instead of running out and training, computer work, etc..for an Outdoor Athlete like ilg? still a tall order, yet must say, such d(om)esticated days fuel the Soul in ways unparticular to my gunic nature which is Go(o)d for me…

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(all access)    This M(om)ent…

at the Starting Gate…it’s Dewachen and NoName Pony vs. Ananda and Black Thunder…disregard the disinterested Cat Beings behind them…

on your Mark,
Get Set…

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