pic: the Rainbow All-Ways leads you to what is Most Important…Dewa quickly drew this during the  Awards Ceremony at my final Winter Race of this season which aptly included both Dewa and Joy Kilpatrick whose Noble Efforts took us to an Overall Title… i went hard for the first 800 meters… knew the Course…was a […]

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my girl has gears….and zero fears…i tremble within the shadow of her Rinpoche Light…

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my precious lifelong Sacred River – many of my friends who used to poke fun at me since i always refer to the Animas as, ‘Our Sacred River,’ are NOT poking fun at me now! – is now a fluid ribbon of toxicity which requires me as a Blessed and Sworn Dharma Protecter to dig deep into my yogic/spiritual warrior quiver to re-iterate my LifeMessage since 1985:

The Outdoors is Sacred>Care For It Unconditionally!

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“If you want to win the Human Race? you gotta stay focused on Enlightenment. You’ve been graced this Human Incarnation from your countless lives of competing since you did what it took to split the cell…don’t give up your Practice, drive deep into your weaknesses and develop wholeness because wholeness is the foundation of Enlightenment.”

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finished in 3:03, 26th out of over 500 registrants and over 450 starters. i liked the math going into tomorrow.

most of all? i LOVED seeing my family at the Finish Line; Dewa going crazy with love while holding up her hand-written sign which read, “GO DAD GO!!”

such is why we race.

wish me Godspeed tomorrow and keep your Wholistic Fitness practices strong.

they work.

trust me.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 6.34.21 PM

Dear Coach Ilg –

i first got turned onto your work from TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION…as an artist? I have got to say that your body of work c(om)pletely (as you would probably write it!) revamped my entire way of thinking of ‘art.’ So many who called ourselves ‘artists’ have little – if any – conception of what ‘art’ means when it comes to to transforming the current palette of our body/mind/spirit into a Higher Fitness/Consciousness as you have so beautifully demonstrated throughout your life; you have changed everything from your sports, your paralysis, your writing, your everything and now, perhaps as the most exquisite and most recent brush to your life journey; your fatherhood.

my big vice is NEWS! yes, that’s right…news. i feed upon headlines, articles, breaking reports…i know this must sound horrid to you..yet, as you have Taught me, “We all have our addictions, it’s just a matter of vibration.”

so, if you’d be soooo kind to answer me this ONE QUESTION (i’ve enclosed a Temple Tithe for your time and consideration):

where do you get your “Outer World” news?

stealing another line from you:

Head Bowed,

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Although surrounded by stunning natural if not mystical beauty, Beclabito has not ONE mountain biking trail, hiking trail, or even a skateboard park, soccer field, or half an outdoor basketball court or even a running track while here in Durango, less than 2 hours away? We have DEVO and DOZENS of world-class venues for our kids to service ALL of their interests and passions.

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(all access)  ilg’s Green Chili Stew recipe

ilg’s Green Chile Stew

i must really, really, REALLY love y’all…cuz normally, i’m too selfish a yogi to reveal s(om)ething this pranically powerful! enjoy! let me know how you like it!

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