Yet Another Wholistic Fitness® Healing Miracle…Diving Spirit Long into the Steep and Deep…

nostrilly-iced ilg, at the summit ridge…from dry to high…this might have been my hardest, steepest, deepest workout yet, 48 hours after a Grade II MCL Sprain on my left knee

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Aditisan’s first words were, “Why does everything sound soooo beautiful?” Aditisan, of course, was referring to the natural sounds of the varied birdsongs tap dancing across the tapestry of Brother Wind and of the song of the Sacred Headwaters rushing south through granite canyons as if intent upon meeting a much, much Higher appointment.

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oh, there are plenty of B&B rooms available in my Mecca….yet? what ilg offers goes waaaaay beyond some sterile room! book now! just released this price to the internet and already am booking months in advance!

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In my line of Service,

hec, in my personal life…

double hec; in the karmic/samskaric lives of all Beings;

there is tremendous suffering.

you don’t need to look far to find suffering. it’s already within. just try softening the tightness in our own hips, for instance…
“Be kind to everyone,” taught Buddha, “for everyone is having a difficult time.”

Here is a Practice from my own Teacher i engage to help elevate my efforts compassion for self and others who are suffering;

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Lap 2 was sooooo stinking brutal. Chronically sucking in massive amounts of spray water flung from spinning wheels while flinging soaked self after all these Two Bits was REALLY beginning to test my natural state of yogic equanimity while inflaming my genetic predisposition toward Teutonic Barbarianism. I felt a deep urge for a hockey stick and some solid boards into which i could take into some of these weasel-looking roadies.

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Bear Medicine…

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it’s that time of the year in Durango…
been mowing the DandyLions and have been stepping in bear cub scat! that’s right…for the first time in four springs since moving back to Durango, my backyard is puncuated with bear CUB scat! there is always a lot of nocturnal sounds here, beside the lusciously deep Ujjaya of the still wild, Animas River still flowing strong with spring runoff…

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“Yes, Sweetheart?”
{coming up to hug and kiss Joy Kilpatrick and i}
“I’m glad I picked THESE kind of parents!”

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so, basically, ilg rescued the Snake Being (who soon became, Strikey Snakey Ilg) and put him/her into a box whereupon, arriving home, Dewa promptly lost him as she let Strikey out onto our backyard whereupon ilg rests assured Strikey is now our official Gardner Snake Garden Protector of our garden residing happily beneath our wood pile…

Snake Medicine is the medicine of, as my treasured Native American students will re-mind ilg, Transmutation, and that Snake teaches us to

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