Moving is like a heart-shaped cactus; prickly but precious!! Dewa last month in Sedona on Bell Rock with quite a find; a heart-shaped Cactus Being!

i trust this catches you in Conscious Breath and Posture…

engaging the yogic principles of Vairāgya (non-attachment/disppassion) and Aparigraha (non-greediness)…
i am moving downriver and downsizing…
and, honestly (Satya) i’m moving to attempt to keep my family in my hometown on a feeble yoga teacher’s income…how did my native town become so expensive in which to live is mind-boggling!

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Big Medicine Day for feeble ilg..i re-visited after a couple of decades my old ‘office’ of Eldorado Canyon where during a decade i was engulfed in a tidal wave of sacred creation; where once i put up dozens of First Ascents which to this day, legions of rock climbers still monument my original ascents…oh, baby, have things changed since my near daily pilgrimages to this unspeakably precious crayola-colored canyon hallmarked by a clear, wild creek rushing over still tumbling (though be it in slow-motion) boulders.

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Dighándíshwo’go bee shidziil…
(Running makes me strong)
running felt more natural to me than walking.
why walk,
when you can run like a Wolf?

until i broke my spine.
i still run.
i still race, kinda.
it ain’t the same.
not carefree feet flirting like Dewa’s upon and across Mother Earth’s skin.
not any more.

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I am now 52 years-old – or so my 7 year-old daughter re-Minds me – and even at my young age i have – through this particular body/mind/spirit vehicle – seen so many, many things during this unique, short lifetime.

So many of my friends have died, passing into the Bardo without so much a thought as to what they were going to do when they could not inhale again.

So many people of my own age have died or lay now at home or in hospitals plugged up to tubes and the coming-and-going of unknown nurses and doctors who glance more up at the clock to see when they can go home to their addictions of comfort rather than looking deeply into those whose lives are unraveling beneath their watch.

So many Elders, including my own father, have died.

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– Full Snow Moon – February

Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as

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i transformed one of my students of yoga/bodywork – a former National Champion in his sport – back to the top ten of last weekends’ National CycleCross Championships in Austin, TX. one year ago? his body was like the fabled tale of Zumbaks’ Suit; all twisted and contorted and full of deep cellular, neural, and hormonal imbalance from decades of professional cycling without a wholistic coach in his corner.

in the past 12 months…

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This past Saturday, feeble ilg raced what i felt was my strongest 10 kilometer nordic skate race since i was in my thirties, i mean, i friggin’ threw DOWN… yet, i finished a few seconds off the podium and i know why; here is why….

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“A ‘resolution’ is an impart upon the Tao which, in spiritual training, is a no-no…
however, if you choose me to play your game? i shall answer thusly:

my New Years’ Resolution is to re-incarnate into a MUCH HIGHER Teacher so that it doesn’t take soooooo long for the Outer World to
catch up with the Truth of Wholeness which sings, dances, animates, and orchestrates my Being, my Lifestory: Wholistic Fitness®!!!”

You, my Students…have again Taught me my Highest Lessons this year…

and continue to inspire my own Practice Ever Higher, Ever M0re Whole…

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