How feeble ilg spent a 53rd Birthday on this Plane(t) during a very paltry incarnation; finishing in the top ten of a 3-day cycling stage race and easing the lactic acid from my muscles through Steve ilg’s High Performance Yoga, and hanging with my precious family…the way i live my life is my response to all […]

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yet, as i tapped into my breath and spun my pedals? a certain Pratyhara arose…yeah, a Drawing of my Senses Inward. perhaps it was the Time Trial helmet which accounted for the acoustics of my breath to seem more resounding. whatever it was, the rhythm of my breath and pedal cadence drew my spiritual self inward yet my outer Awareness remained on high beam; taking the shortest lines through the serpentine road, seeking and riding upon the smoothest ribbons of asphalt laced upon this old county road, veering away from the puddles of the still wet road from the soaking rain just an hour or so earlier. such things add up in a Time Trial, the Race of Truth, for there is no drafting; just you, your inner power, and your breath against the clock.

knew i was going fast when, by mile 10…

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Yesterday at 10,910’… surrounded by my lifelong friends; cold, snow, and high heart rate! Felt fleet, felt a sense of Wu-Wei – effortless effort – and raced to a top 10% of all 400+ finishers…today? well, not so much…


in bike racing there is an oft recited catchphrase; “Sometimes you are the hammer, and sometimes? Well you’re the {explicative} nail.”

this morning? feeble ilg was the latter.

in fact, i finished very nearly DEAD LAST!

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The earthquakes (which the Hindi’s would recognize as Shiva Dancing) expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux…that everything we build – be it family, finances, temples, et. al – can all be wiped out in a m(om)ent; so we should prepare for it.

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from one broken back mountain yogi to another…Danelle? it’s been a while since chasing each other on snowshoes, however, your inspiration remains as fresh to me as a September snow in Leadville…

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sure, of course, i love running, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and nowadays taking my daughter along the sinewy sweetness of the massive network and drop-to-your-knees beauty of the Four Corners trails! doh!

but, what only a few of you know?

i love creating and maintaining trails even more!


i love the seduction; trails beckon us further, higher…toward purer terrain. Trails are metaphors for our own yogic, fitness, and life journeys.
i want to do my part in protecting the vinyasa of trails for my daughter’s generations and many more…

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Dear Coach Ilg –

i first got turned onto your work from TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION…as an artist? I have got to say that your body of work c(om)pletely (as you would probably write it!) revamped my entire way of thinking of ‘art.’ So many who called ourselves ‘artists’ have little – if any – conception of what ‘art’ means when it comes to to transforming the current palette of our body/mind/spirit into a Higher Fitness/Consciousness as you have so beautifully demonstrated throughout your life; you have changed everything from your sports, your paralysis, your writing, your everything and now, perhaps as the most exquisite and most recent brush to your life journey; your fatherhood.

my big vice is NEWS! yes, that’s right…news. i feed upon headlines, articles, breaking reports…i know this must sound horrid to you..yet, as you have Taught me, “We all have our addictions, it’s just a matter of vibration.”

so, if you’d be soooo kind to answer me this ONE QUESTION (i’ve enclosed a Temple Tithe for your time and consideration):

where do you get your “Outer World” news?

stealing another line from you:

Head Bowed,

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Moving is like a heart-shaped cactus; prickly but precious!! Dewa last month in Sedona on Bell Rock with quite a find; a heart-shaped Cactus Being!

i trust this catches you in Conscious Breath and Posture…

engaging the yogic principles of Vairāgya (non-attachment/disppassion) and Aparigraha (non-greediness)…
i am moving downriver and downsizing…
and, honestly (Satya) i’m moving to attempt to keep my family in my hometown on a feeble yoga teacher’s income…how did my native town become so expensive in which to live is mind-boggling!

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